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BOGO Free! | Staff Picks for this Holiday Season

BOGO Free! | Staff Picks for this Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s a shopping season like no other. With so many hardships this year (we won’t even begin to get into that), it feels like everybody needs a win. So, we’ve put together one of our favorite deals for Black Friday/Cyber Monday: Buy one, get one free!

With any good BOGO deal, there are countless combinations and varieties to choose from. If you’re not quite sure what to get, check out the Sherpani’s staff recommendations to spark some inspiration! 
Bailey, Social Media Content Manager
Go-to Sherpani Bag: Soleil AT
Favorite Holiday Tradition: Staying in the mountains with my family during Thanksgiving and going to the local Christmas parade!
For this year’s BOGO deal I would get the Citizen convertible backpack/tote and the Paige crossbody from the American Ethos Collection. I am obsessed with this collection, and who doesn’t like a matching set? The Citizen is a stylish and professional looking bag, perfect for taking to work and carrying around your laptop while the Paige is perfect for carrying smaller essentials for those trips to the grocery store or farmers market. Plus the painted canvas only gets better over time, and the neutral colors go with any outfit!

Mia Backpack and Uno Crossbody  

Maggie, Brand Manager and Marketing Team Leader
Go-to Sherpani Bag: Tempest
Favorite Holiday Tradition: Sitting around the fireplace while my Uncle plays guitar for the family.
My BOGO choice would be a Sola and Uno from the Tyvek Collection! I like the idea that with this deal I can get a bigger bag for trips/activities and a smaller bag for everyday. The Sola is the perfect gym or overnight bag (the shoe compartment is a huge draw for me) and the Uno is the perfect size bag for my everyday needs. Both are also super lightweight so I don’t feel like carrying around extra weight! 

Alexis, Advertising Manager
Go-to Sherpani Bag: The Demi for running quick errands and the Camden for work; perfect bag to  fit my laptop & everything else I could need for the day. 
Favorite Holiday Tradition: Doing puzzles with my family! Which usually turns into my sister and I staying up late trying to get the puzzle finished as quickly as possible. 1000 piece puzzles are our family’s favorite. 
As much as I want these bags for myself, I’m shopping with my family in mind. This year, I would get the Vale AT (in Loden, I’m super excited about this new color!). I think that the versatility that this bag offers is what makes it so great! It comes with two straps (shoulder strap & crossbody strap). Plus you can play with which colors you want facing out and whether you carry it folded over or long. I think this would be a great gift for my mom because she likes her bags to be functional and stylish, the Vale AT checks both of these boxes. 
The second bag I would get is the Skye in Raven. I think this is the cutest little bag and it also comes with two straps (shoulder strap & crossbody strap). This would make a great gift for my sister because it’s the perfect grab & go size that fits the essentials(wallet, phone, keys, headphones, pen, mask, hand sanitizer) in a compact bag. Plus, a black bag goes with every outfit. 

Cat, E-commerce Marketing Manager
Go-to Sherpani Bag: Camden, it’s a fan  favorite for a reason! 
Favorite Holiday Tradition: Watching “Love Actually” with my mom and sister, and “National Lampoon” with my dad.
Everyone loves the Camden and Meridian Bundle, and can you blame them? The organizational compartments are perfect (especially for someone who last-minute packs, aka, me), the TSA lock system provides a sense of security, and I’m obsessed with the luggage passthrough to keep the bag off my back because I’m #lazy.
Right now we only have five varieties and the bundle isn’t included in the BOGO deal (sad), but with the BOGO deal, I say choose your own adventure! Grab a Vino Camden on top of a Black Meridian for a holiday vibe, or if earth tones are more your color palette, grab a Sage Meridian with a Swedish Camo Camden. The possibilities are endless! Pro tip: If you have your eyes on a Soleil AT, they also have the luggage passthrough and even more anti-theft features for extra security, including a chair lock and anti-slash protection. 

Erica, Program Coordinator for the Blue Verve Project
Go-to Sherpani Bag: Suki
Favorite Holiday Tradition: Skiing on Christmas Day with my family
I love a little bag, but sometimes you need more space.  For BOGO I would pair my favorite Sherpani bag, the Suki, with my favorite backpack, the Miyako.  The Miyako and Suki combo is perfect for travel.  Access your phone, earbuds, and other essentials easily in the cross body--I personally love how my cards fit into the attached coin purse, so I can stay organized without a wallet.  Carry your laptop, water bottle, and everything else you need in the matching Miyako for a bold and sporty look.   
My favorite part about both bags? They are made from recycled plastic, and 25% of the proceeds go to eliminating ocean plastic pollution!
Zoe, Retail Team Lead
Go-to Sherpani Bag: Soleil AT
Favorite Holiday Tradition: The annual snowball fight with my best friend's family followed by a nice big mug of hot cocoa and a good book by the fireplace 
Since we are staying home so much more than usual, I find myself reaching for smaller bags more than I used to. My Dispatch has become a go to! I would get a Dispatch in Apsen Grove (I am OBSESSED with this new color!) then add a Citizen in Indigo. These two smaller bags have so much versatility of wear and can be dressed up or down depending on your mood! 


Still undecided? Feel free to ask us a question on any of the products that catch your eye in the comments below! 

And remember, shipping is a little different this year, so the sooner you order, the better the guarantee that your order will get to you before the holidays!

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  • Just found your bags today! Looks like I just missed 50% off site wide 😭. Which bags are included in the BOGO sale and how does it work? Is the discount automatically taken in the cart?
    Thank you!

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