A neighborhood street in Montreal during autumn

As someone who has explored many areas of the world, and called Montreal home for the past two years, I can tell you that this is a city well worth...

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A pink plant in the foreground and a Cambodian temple in the background

Culture and Camaraderie in Cambodia

Although this story is about Cambodia, it really starts in Iceland. Allow me to explain.  It was October of 2021, and I had just booked...

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View from inside the Palm House at Copenhagen's Botanical Garden

Sherpani Travel: The Captivating Copenhagen Experience You Can't Miss

As our Scandinavian friends gear up for the Midsummer holiday (June 24th), we wanted to draw some attention to one of our favorite destinations: Copenhagen,...

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A woman standing on a balcony looking out over the ocean.

Solo Travel: The Good, The Bad & The Lonely

Far removed from the distraction and obligation of everyday life, something magical starts to happen when you travel alone. As you find your feet in...

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A black woman stands smiles at the camera with the Eiffel Tower behind her

Travel Tip Tuesday: Solo Travel Safety, By Women for Women

Safety is a challenging topic in the world of solo travel. As women, the factor of safety is rarely far from our minds. We want...

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A plastic bottle lying on a white sand beach at sunset.

How Sherpani Bags Reduce Ocean Plastic

As avid travelers, we at Sherpani are always looking forward to our next destination. Every Tuesday, we celebrate this notion with a “Travel Tuesday” blog...

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Close up view of hands cutting into a breakfast sandwich with fork and knife.

Sherpani Travel: Here’s Where You’ll Have Your Favorite Meal in Prague

Colorful, historical and rich in culture, Prague is a city that will capture your heart. If you’re looking to feed your soul with a sense...

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Prague's Old Town Square: A Place of Wonder, Enchantment, & Mulled Wine.

Prague's Old Town Square: A Place of Wonder, Enchantment, & Mulled Wine.

Prague’s Old Town Square is at the heart of the city—and, assuredly, will be at the heart of your next trip, the same way it...

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A scenic photo of rice fields in Vietnam

Sherpani Charity Highlight: Heartbeat Vietnam

At Sherpani, we strive to do our part in building a better world through everyday action. Our products are proudly made with sustainable materials, and...

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A woman sits at table outdoors. A glass of Vinho Verde white wine is on the table in front of her. She holds Sherpani wallet, the Barcelona in Lavender, in her hand next to the wine.

Sherpani Travel: You Can’t Go to Portugal Without Trying This Wine

Portugal is home to friendly people, renowned art and the vibrant capital city of Lisbon. It is the westernmost country in mainland Europe, with a...

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