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QUIZ: Find the Perfect Bag for all your Summer Adventures!

QUIZ: Find the Perfect Bag for all your Summer Adventures!

Take this quiz and find out what bag you need this summer!

With summer on the horizon, it's time to find your bag for the season. Whether you're spending the summer traveling abroad, by the pool, or soaking up the sunshine at the park, we've got the quiz to tell you what bag is perfect for your needs.


This summer, you'll be spending most of your time at:

A. Anyone that knows you knows you've got a packed and fulfilling schedule. Whether you're going to yoga, work, or your children's soccer practice- you are always on the move.

B. You're a bit of a planner, and this summer is about to be filled with memories of Florence.

C. Nothing in the books yet- but you know you and your friends will be going to concerts, happy hours and weekend getaways!


You can't leave the house without…

A. The necessities and then some including; your phone, keys, wallet, workout set, granola bars, makeup wipes, and laptop.

B. Your must-haves include your phone, keys, wallet, and tablet.

C. Just a few things! Your keys, phone, chapstick, and wallet.


What feature is most important to you?

A. Space with plenty of compartments

B. Innovative anti-theft features

C. Ecostory- a bag made from recycled materials


To you, your bag is…

A. My life! It's how I create organization in my chaotic schedule.

B. My travel companion, it’s comfortable and fits what I need for trips.

C. My tried and true way to carry my essentials that can take me from running errands to a concert!


Which word best describes you?

A. Organized

B. Practical

C. Minimalist


What's your go-to size for your bag?

A. Big

B. Medium

C. Small


 Mostly As: STRIDE

Your life holds many roles, and for that, you need a bag that does it all! Whether you're on your way to yoga or spending the afternoon working at a coffee shop. The Stride offers organization with two side pockets, compatible with  a 17”laptop  and is water resistant- this bag is ready for anything the day throws at you!

Mostly Bs: GEO AT

Equipped with a chair loop lock and RFID-protected, this bag is ready for any travel adventure on your list while still offering plenty of room and comfort. Compatible with a 10" tablet and two interior zipper pockets, everything has a place in this bag.


Mostly Cs: PICA

Fit for your on-the-go lifestyle, this bag offers just what you need; a Key FOB, RFID protected, and a crossbody strap. Just large enough for your phone and wallet and small enough for the minimalist on the go!


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