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9 Best Travel Backpacks, Work Bags, and Duffels for Him

9 Best Travel Backpacks, Work Bags, and Duffels for Him

Shopping for the man in your life can sometimes be difficult — especially if he’s got plenty of outdoor gear in the garage, or won’t tell you what he really wants this year.

But that doesn’t mean his travel duffle bag or backpack doesn’t need an upgrade.

As a Sherpani fan, we think you’d love our partner men’s bag brand: AP Bags.

AP Bags are built with the same purposeful design that drives Sherpani. AP fuses the performance level of outdoor gear with a sleek, urban design that's tailored to the tech-centric pathfinder.

That means all-day comfort and bags that move with him at every rugged turn.

From go-getters at work to globe trotters, AP Bags are durable, functional, sustainable, and stylish. They make a perfect gift for him for the holidays, birthdays, or just when you feel like spoiling him.

To help you make him smile, we’ve rounded up the best men’s travel bags, crossbodies, and duffle bags for his next big adventure.

Best Travel Bags for Men

It’s not often you can find a men’s travel bag that does it all, but The Fury comes pretty close.

With dual compartments — one for gear and one for tech — he’ll never complain about losing something in the bottom of his bag again.

The cutting-edge Gravity Vector Control Load Lifter can haul tripods, heavy jackets, and outdoor gear while keeping everything secure and off his back. Ergonomically designed, he’ll be able to carry 28-liters worth without being weighed down or uncomfortable.

For those times when he needs a little extra room, this bag has a 3” zippered expansion, making it the best bag for work, play, and travel.

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Everyone hates a disorganized bag, especially if he’s always hopping on planes to catch a meeting or heading to the mountains for a long weekend.

The Meta isn’t your everyday men’s travel backpack. The main compartment unzips and hinges all the way open, so he can pack in and out quicker than ever.

For the guy who’s got more miles under his belt than actual belts, he’ll love the luggage pass-through which allows him to hook the bag onto his luggage for easy travel.

Versatile strap technology gives him comfort to carry everything he needs — laptop, clothes, Dopp Kit, and any other essentials for a business trip.

Get him a weekender bag for men that practically organizes itself >

Best Men’s Work Bags

For the tech-centric man in your life, get him a bag that works overtime.

The Boss earned its name for a reason — it’s the best work bag for men on the market. Sleek, durable, and accessible, this bag features Micro Ballistic Nylon, which can endure long commutes and helps him perform at his best.

On days when he needs to give that big presentation to corporate, this work bag provides the perfect tech compartment so he can access his most important items quickly.

Shop this durable and waterproof bag for the guy who’s busy 9-5 >

Maybe the guy in your life doesn’t need all the bells and whistles — he just needs the essentials. The Spire is a minimalist men’s work bag he can use every day, no matter where he clocks in.

Inspired by high-precision origami, this laptop bag for men includes 2 hidden side pockets and clean aesthetics. With his active lifestyle in mind, this backpack also comes with back-panels for airflow. This keeps him cool and dry during his bike commute or when running for an Uber.

Low-profile and uncomplicated, it’s the best bag for men who prefer a modern look and unparalleled functionality.

Let this minimalist work backpack be the topic of discussion at his office >

Maybe he’s working overtime, or maybe he’s ready to kick back at a brewery — either way, he needs this stylish and versatile bag for his gear.

The Blaze is what happens when functionality meets urban aesthetic. Hypalon reinforced-loops and side daisy chains allow him to wear this backpack in multiple ways, while the weight stays comfortably off his back.

Backpack, crossbody, or sleek briefcase — he can choose the style that works for him.

Meet the most durable backpack for men on-the-go > 

Durable Duffel Bags for Him

Nice duffle bags aren’t always easy to find. But you’re covered at AP Bags.  

The Vipr redefines the modern roll-top duffel. Positioned vertically for better packability, he can access his gear seamlessly.  

He can wear it as a backpack or transform it into a duffle with T-16 aluminum compression buckles. On the sides he’ll find daisy chains which create a Molle System, allowing him to latch on more accessories.  

He’ll never lose anything in this stylish duffel — the top and bottom compression straps keep all his things secure by allowing him to store big and small items without them sinking to the bottom.  

The Vipr is his new go-to duffel bag for weekend trips and getaways > 

Does your guy tend to pack heavy? The Hemi has a massive 80 liters of space, all for him to load in his climbing or hiking gear for a mountain trip, or pack it with cameras and tripods for an outdoor photoshoot.  

He can carry it 2 ways, while the waterproof 3-layer fabric will keep all his things dry if inclement weather hits on his way off the mountain. Equipped with the same T-16 anodized aluminum you find on aircrafts, his stuff will always be protected in this durable duffle bag.  

And last but not least: The Global Digital Bag Tag keeps track of his bag even if it gets lost along his travels. 

This travel duffel will never disappoint >  

Dopp Kits

What’s a good travel bag without a Dopp Kit?  

The Flint is the perfect size for him to fit all his toiletries (or tech gear) while he’s out and about. It’s small enough to fit inside any AP Bag, and large enough to organize his toothbrush, razor, and other daily necessities.  

An unexpected bonus: it comes with a carabiner-style bottle opener. Just in case he wants to crack open a cold one when he reaches the hotel.  

Add this travel pouch to his gift set > 

Gear Kits 

We saved the best for last for your guy: He’ll love this 4-in-1 gear kit bundle with everything he needs.  

The Fury Gear Kit includes Fury Backpack, Hemi Duffel, Exo Belt, and Power Cube for the ultimate travel gift for him. Whether he’s getting ready for an international trip abroad or just ready to upgrade his worn out gear, this gift bundle has everything he needs.  

Sturdy and reliable, these men’s travel bags will elevate his adventures and keep all his gear clean and dry (even if he has a stressful meeting across town). 

Give the gift of 4 bags instead of 1 with a gear kit >  

Shop the Best Bags for Him 

Whether the guy on your list is a globetrotter or weekday warrior at the office, he’s going to love AP Bags!  

With the same sustainable and sleek design as Sherpani, these bags for men do more than get him from point A to point B.  

If you’re in the market for a holiday gift, a birthday present, or just something to show him how much you care — look no further than our stylish and durable men’s bag partner.

Shop the entire collection of men’s travel bags, duffels, backpacks and more > 


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