Sherpani Travel: Here’s Where You’ll Have Your Favorite Meal in Prague

Colorful, historical and rich in culture, Prague is a city that will capture your heart. If you’re looking to feed your soul with a sense of adventure, here is where...


Best Ergonomic Bags for Women and What to Look For

There’s nothing like the frustration of digging around in your purse or backpack for the one thing you need — especially if you’re in a...

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The Best Anti-Theft Travel Purses and Bags for Women

Before I started working at Sherpani, I didn’t realize that anti-theft features were really a thing for women’s bags. With a mother who firmly believed...

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Travel Tricks for a Springtime Getaway

Ah, springtime, I can almost taste you. What is it about the return of spring that makes travel so tempting? Perhaps the travel bug is...

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How to Introduce Your Kids to the Benefits of Yoga

Between social-distancing, home schooling, and working from home, families have had their fair share of stress over the past year. Everyone thrives on routine —...

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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Galentine's Day

We all know that Valentine’s day is a celebration of love. And if you’re celebrating this year with your special someone, we’re happy for you!...

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How to Make a Sustainable New Year's Resolution (Sometimes Smaller is Better)

We’ve all been there: you go to bed with bright ideas and willpower. You will exercise everyday, you will cut cookies out of your diet,...

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Small Pieces, Big Connections at our Upstream Cleanup

 Although the Blue Verve Project team is over a thousand miles from the coast, we are connected to the ocean physically through our local waterways. ...

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Easy, Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas

Nothing beats watching the smile grow on someone's face as they open a gift you picked out just for them. The anticipation of unwrapping brings...

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Gratitude is in Our Nature

Fall is in full swing! Along with pumpkin spice and apple-picking, fall marks a change of pace. It’s the perfect time to reflect and express...

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