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Bag Breakdown: Seven Purse Styles and Their Uses for Every Day, Travel and More!

Ever wondered what type of bag is right for you? What's the difference between a classic backpack and a sling, anyway? Is a belt bag the same thing as a fanny pack? Today, we are breaking down seven bag styles to clarify these common questions.

Read on to figure out which styles best suit your lifestyle and discover your next favorite bag!


Backpack Synonyms: rucksack, haversack, knapsack, booksack, backsack, bookbag

As its name suggests, the backpack is a pack worn on your back. The convenient design has two shoulder straps that allow you to stay hands-free. The backpack is the classic choice for the world of academia; backpacks can be spotted on virtually every student wandering a college campus. They are especially handy when walking long distances, so backpacks also make ideal commuter bags and personal items for air travel.

The right backpack will support your adventures and elevate your every day. We know that the best backpacks for women take into account comfort, function, and style. Sherpani backpacks feature unique styles and bold colors that will brighten any day.

Here are just a few of our favorite styles:

The Camden is a classic backpack with an ergonomic design that includes three water bottle holders, a padded laptop sleeve, and adjustable backpack straps to ensure the perfect fit.

The Soleil is an Anti-Theft backpack with security features that make for safe travels; this convertible backpack can also be carried as a tote or crossbody.

The Logan is an adorable mini backpack with a trendy design, a perfect minimalist backpack for the days when less is more.

Sherpani backpacks are durable, built to last, and backed by our Fearless Lifetime Warranty. Plus, they are sustainably made from recycled materials!

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Belt Bag

Belt Bag Synonyms: fanny pack, waist pack, hip pack, waist bag, belly bag, bumbag

This iconic piece of 80's fashion has made quite the comeback! Belt bags have a single strap that fastens around your waist for a hands-free design that offers easy access to your belongings. They are an excellent choice for outdoor activities; you can wear a belt bag while you run, hike, climb, skate, bike or ski. They also promote safety by keeping your belongings close, so they are ideal for crowds and popular at events like festivals and concerts.

Meet Sherpani's belt bag, the Hyk!

The Hyk (pronounced "hike") was built for adventure!

The adjustable strap offers inclusive sizing and means you can style the Hyk in multiple ways. Wear it as a belt bag, small crossbody purse, or sling. Change up the style in seconds with the easy plastic buckle. This minimalist bag style will carry all the essentials: phone, wallet, keys and a sense of adventure!

This style shines when it comes to organization. In addition to the main compartment, the Hyk has three zipper pockets! The front zipper pocket includes a key leash clip, another zipper pocket can be found inside the main opening, and the secret zipper pocket on the back can hold two passports; a convenient and secure hiding place. Speaking of security, the Hyk also features RFID-blocking technology to guard against cyber theft.

Did we mention the Hyk is made from 100% recycled materials? Like all Sherpani styles, it's backed by our Fearless Lifetime Warranty.

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Crossbody Synonyms: crossbody bag, crossbody purse, everyday purse, handbag

Characterized by a long strap worn diagonally like a sash, a crossbody bag offers a stylish asymmetrical look that can complement any outfit. Crossbodies are an extremely popular style for everyday use, from running errands to meeting friends. They also make for a secure choice when it comes to travel. Thieves and pickpockets are more likely to target a bag dangling from one shoulder rather than a crossbody design which is worn close.

Your favorite crossbody bag is always by your side - literally! So when it comes to choosing a crossbody purse, the details matter. Sherpani crossbody bags have an adjustable crossbody strap for comfort and function, a light-colored interior for visibility, and come in standout colorways for unique, expressive style.

Here are just a few of our favorite crossbody bags:

The Sadie is a tried-and-true Sherpani style that provides ultimate organization; the side zipper pocket is a favorite feature of this best-seller!

Don't like to carry much? The Rogue is a minimalist crossbody with a compact design, not to mention it's downright adorable.

The Vale is one of our most versatile styles. This Anti-Theft crossbody has RFID protection and Sherpani's proprietary wireless anti-slash crossbody strap!

All Sherpani crossbody bags are made from recycled materials! We incorporate reclaimed plastic bottles into our eco-conscious bags so that we can do our part to reduce ocean plastic. These everyday purses are backed by Sherpani's Fearless Lifetime Warranty.

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Duffel Bag

Duffel Bag Synonyms: duffle bag, gym bag, kit bag

Duffel bags are defined by their cylindrical shape and large capacity. They are often used to pack and store supplies for a specific activity (i.e. a swim bag, soccer bag, yoga bag, dance bag, etc.). They are also a very popular bag style for travel; a duffel bag is perfect for car camping or packing for a weekend getaway.

Sherpani duffels are durable bags made with water-resistant material to ensure they are ready for any adventure! We use lightweight materials so that the bag won't weigh you down, and you can pack more when using your duffel bag for air travel.

Here are a couple of our favorite duffel designs:

The Sola is the ultimate lightweight duffel bag! Its many features include an external zipper compartment for toiletry storage, tote bag handles, a removable crossbody strap and a luggage pass-through.

The Trip is a unique design that combines duffel bag and suitcase. This rolling duffel bag features stylish vegan leather accents, a retractable luggage handle, and large rolling wheels built to withstand bumps and divots.

Of course, Sherpani duffel bags are backed by our Fearless Lifetime Warranty, and crafted entirely from recycled materials! These sustainable styles will help you see the world and protect it.

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Sling Synonyms: sling bag, sling backpack, sling pack

The sling bag is a trendy design combining backpack convenience with crossbody style! Slings are extremely versatile, making them the ideal day bag for just about anything. Whether you're exploring a new city or hiking a well-known trail, a sling bag lets you carry the essentials without slowing you down.

Sherpani slings are built with functionality in mind and allow easy access to your belongings. Get into the main compartment by simply swinging the sling from your back to your front, unlike a backpack, no removal is required.

Here are a couple of our favorite Sherpani slings:


The Esprit is a medium-sized day bag with a stylish tear-drop shape. The sling strap is adjustable, padded, and features a built-in zipper pocket perfect for small items like cash or chapstick.

The Metro is an Anti-Theft sling bag with a reversible design. Because of the moving zippers on the main compartment and the two attachment points for the sling strap, you can wear the Metro over either shoulder, a huge plus for lefty travelers in need of a left-handed sling backpack!

Crafted entirely from recycled materials, Sherpani sling bags are a sustainable purchase for the conscious consumer. They are also backed by our Fearless Lifetime Warranty!

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Tote Synonyms: carryall, holdall, diaper bag

The tote bag is defined by its large capacity, i.e., its ability to hold everything you need to "tote around." They have two tote handles and can be carried over your shoulder or simply held by your side. The tote bag is a favorite style of moms everywhere as it makes a great diaper bag. It's also commonly used in professional settings as an office bag or commuter bag. A tote also makes the perfect gift for teachers who want a more stylish option than a backpack.

Sherpani totes keep you organized on the go with features like zipper pockets and a key leash attachment. Their light-colored interior makes it easy to see what's inside and quickly access what you need. These ergonomic styles are made from lightweight materials and feature sturdy tote bag handles designed for comfortable carrying. Many of our totes are convertible styles that can be carried in multiple ways. If you're looking for a classic tote, however, look no further than the Stride.


This trendy tote bag will hold it all with its twenty-one-liter capacity. It was designed to fit major airlines' personal item size requirements, and, paired with the luggage pass-through feature, makes for the travel tote of your dreams! The Stride also features a daisy chain. Besides adding a stylish flair, the daisy chain can be an attachment point for almost anything (neck pillow, sneakers, carabiner clip…). You won't need the daisy chain for your water bottle, though, as the Stide features dual water bottle holders, one on each side of the bag.

It should come as no surprise that Sherpani tote bags are made from 100% recycled materials; a sustainable tote bag is just as important to us as a functional one. Our totes are also backed by Sherpani's Fearless Lifetime Warranty.

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Wristlet Synonyms: clutch bag, clutch, pocketbook, pouch, vanity pouch, wallet

The wristlet is your go-to bag for a night out when you don't want to carry a larger purse. Complete with a wristlet strap for easy carrying, wristlets are mini purses meant to hold only the essentials. They can be carried every day but are often used for dressy occasions. Wristlets are very similar to wallets, so another common use is to pack the wristlet inside a bigger back for elevated organization.

Sherpani wristlets are minimalist designs that come in signature Sherpani colors that express your unique style. Durable and water-resistant, your Sherpani wristlet will be ready to accompany you anywhere.

Here are a couple of our favorite wristlet styles:

The Jolie is one of our most simplistic designs; this petite pouch is perfect for holding night-out essentials like your ID and mini cosmetics.

The Tulum is an RFID wallet that protects your credit card information from cyber theft. Use the Tulum as a travel wallet or to protect your every day!

Sherpani makes eco-friendly wristlets out of reclaimed, post-consumer plastic. We believe that style and sustainability can go hand-in-hand. Our Fearless Lifetime Warranty backs your Sherpani wristlet for a worry-free purchase.

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There you have it, our roundup of seven bag styles and their uses. It should be said that many Sherpani designs fit into more than one of these categories, versatility is one of the things we do best! Whether you're looking for one bag that does it all, or several bags that serve specific functions, we are confident that we have exactly what you're looking for.

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Happy Shopping! 

The Sherpani Team

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