About Us

Sherpani Mission Statement

Who is Sherpani?

Sherpani designs fashionable and functional day bags, backpacks, purses, and travel gear for active women on the go — whether you’re just getting off the trail, hopping on a plane for an overnight business trip, or taking a brunch break with the gal pals. 

So you can bring your love for exploration and adventure to everything you do — in one stylish, no BS, do-it-all bag.

Our Roots

Our Roots

Sherpani comes from the Nepalese term for a female Sherpa. Sherpani live on the high southern slopes of the Himalayas, leading mountain expeditions as expert guides.

This bold and generous spirit is our guiding philosophy, and the attitude we bring to everything we do. We believe in following your passions, saying yes to adventure, and not being afraid to show off your knowledge and skills — whether you’re a trailblazing badass, a Rockstar at work, or a do-it-all mom (or all three)!

At Sherpani, we make bags for women who define their own meaning of success.

Designed in Boulder, Colorado, every Sherpani bag is stitched with Colorado’s alpine heritage and a deep belief that nature restores the human spirit. They’re an expression of limitless freedom, endless exploration, and doing things your own way, with your own style.

Responsible Manufacturing

Our passion for respecting and protecting the planet is baked into everything we do, especially the way we design and manufacture our bags.

Sherpani has been an industry leader in the use of recycled fabrics, non-toxic dyes, fair labor agreements, and chemical restrictions long before these practices were made mainstream by B-Corp and Bluesign.

Sherpani factories are regularly certified by Elevate Limited. Elevate Limited audits and address labor and social compliance, environmental impacts.

All Sherpani vendors must agree to Sherpani’s strict Code of Conduct Contract covering Child Labor, Forced Labor, Harassment or Abuse, Fair Wages, Hours and Overtime, Non-discrimination, and Freedom of Association.


Our Sustainable Practices

Our dedication to sustainability doesn’t stop with responsible manufacturing. 

We believe that healthy marine ecosystems are vital to human health and the enjoyment of our planet.  That’s why we started the non-profit organization, Blue Verve Project.

Blue Verve Project is dedicated to keeping our oceans free from plastic by developing new recycled or repurposed fabrics, and donating proceeds to marine clean-up projects.

Learn more about Blue Verve Project

In 2018, Sherpani won the Champion of Sustainability Award by Repreve, the leading authority on sustainable yarns, for our long track record of turning millions of water bottles into beautiful and functional bags.

Sherpani also sponsors Trash the Runway, a competitive event that encourages middle school kids to be resourceful, creative, and think eco-friendly by creating clothing made 100% from recyclable trash.

Supporting Women

Supporting Women

At Sherpani, our mission is to empower each other in everything we do — from supporting freedom of expression to supporting education and equity around the world.

Sherpani is a proud supporter of the Scholarship Program for Ethnic Minority Girls in Vietnam through the VinaCapital Foundation, which provides educational opportunities to disadvantaged young women in Vietnam.

Sherpani also supports Heartbeat Vietnam, an organization that funds life-saving heart operations for financially disadvantaged women and children in Vietnam, with yearly donations.

Since 2014, Sherpani has been a sponsor of the Emergency Family Assistance Association. EFAA is Boulder County’s leading provider of housing and food for vulnerable women and children experiencing homelessness, abuse, and poverty.