The Best Anti-Theft Travel Purses and Bags for Women

Before I started working at Sherpani, I didn’t realize that anti-theft features were really a thing for women’s bags.

With a mother who firmly believed in discreet money belts — and who constantly told me to wrap my backpack straps around my legs, rather than hang it from the back of my chair while visiting her home in England — I’ve learned to prioritize keeping my belongings safe while traveling. Especially when I moved from the forests of New Hampshire to Boston for college.

Sherpani’s anti-theft bags are a dream come true for globetrotters. And when I say Sherpani makes the best anti-theft travel bags and purses for women, I mean there’s a style for every scenario.

If you need a backpack that makes the perfect carry-on or overnight weekender, look no further than the Soleil AT.

Or if you want a crossbody for sightseeing and everyday use, they’ve got you covered with the Prima AT — small enough to fit the essentials and then some.

All these bags come with extra anti-theft and security features that can give you extra peace of mind so you can focus on your adventure. Below are my favorite anti-theft features that can help you feel more secure while you travel.

Wire Loop Lock


In pre-pandemic times, I traveled to Paris for the first time, alone. I met up with a friend in Montmartre on the first day as the perfect introduction to the city.

The small village didn’t disappoint in charm. But while sipping my noisette, I watched a man take someone’s backpack in one fell swoop — while that person was still sitting at their table!

I quickly learned Montmartre is notorious for pick-pockets, and while I wouldn’t recommend ever leaving your bag at a table in any large, populous city, the unfortunate victim of this crime could have benefitted from our wire loop lock feature.

Sleek but durable, you can hook the wire loop lock around a chair leg, armrest, or any other sturdy safehold nearby. Anyone who tries to take your bag will quickly learn it’s not going anywhere!

Zipper Locks

Sherpani has two forms of zipper locks built into every bag, ensuring that no one can get into any compartment from any angle.

The first is an interior clip in the main compartment that clips to the main zipper, keeping it securely closed, no matter how hard you pull. 

The second is what we call a locking loop. This is on all of our bags’ exterior pockets. Just guide the zipper pullers through the small loop and consider anything in your exterior pockets safe and secure.

What I love about the locking loops on our bags is that they’re small and discreet, so you hardly notice they are there until you get up close. They look like they’re just part of the bag.

I take advantage of this feature on my Indie AT backpack when I’m in a crowded space. If anyone tried to sneak up to try and unzip my backpack from behind, they’ll be in for a rude awakening when they find they can’t get it open!

One thing’s for certain: you can count on the anti-theft bags being incredibly durable.

If you’re an adventure seeker, your bag needs to be durable in all kinds of different environments — on a plane, train, or while out and about in the city.

But it also needs to be able to stand up against a pick-pocketer using something like a Swiss army knife as a last resort to get inside.

Our straps are made with the only slash-resistant webbing on the market that doesn’t provide the bulk and weight of wire or metal.

The same goes for the bottom of the anti-theft bags. There are two layers of fabric, with the second, most-inner layer being made with un-cuttable fabric that can go against the sharpest knife.

Shop Our Anti-Theft Collection Today

I highly recommend checking out our anti-theft collection if you’re looking for a forever bag.

While organizational compartments and strap length are all important features, our anti-theft collection offers these features and more to easily transition from an everyday bag to a getaway bag.

My favorite anti-theft bag is the Soleil. I wear this as a backpack to work, and then use the luggage pass-thru to place on top of my luggage when traveling.

Pro tip: If you use the luggage pass-thru on the back of the Soleil, use the wire loop lock and attach it to your luggage handle. That bag won’t go anywhere!

Whether you’ve got a short weekend getaway with gal pals or a long trip abroad in the books, stay prepared with an anti-theft purse or backpack.


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