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Five Easy Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day

In honor of Earth Month, we are using the Sherpani Travel Blog as a platform to discuss environmental action! Our background in recycled materials has taught us a lot about sustainability. We have learned that solutions to environmental problems like ocean plastic, climate change, and air pollution are infinitely complex. We want to empower you to wade through these complexities and believe that, together, we can make a lasting difference in our quest for a sustainable future.

This work will require efforts from both individuals and organizations. As a company, Sherpani abides by a set of sustainable standards that includes diverting ocean-bound plastic through our manufacturing process and implementing carbon-neutral shipping on our website. While we want all businesses to embrace sustainable practices, that's not the focus of this post. Instead, we'll be talking about the difference that you can make as an individual.

Let's start with the simple fact that no effort is too small. When it comes to your personal sustainable choices, an "all-or-nothing" mentality is not the best approach. You can embrace the following practices in abundance or moderation, and all effort makes a positive impact.

With that in mind, here are five easy, everyday changes you can make to live more sustainably.

Number One: Carry A Reusable Water Bottle

Cutting down on your personal plastic consumption is a noble effort, and there are countless ways to take action in this way. Plastic-free alternatives are becoming available for just about everything, and we encourage you to utilize them when possible. One of the easiest changes you can make in this regard also happens to be one of the most effective.

Carrying a reusable water bottle is a single change with a huge impact. Over its lifetime, a reusable bottle can save countless single-use plastic bottles. To spread your impact even further, gift reusable water bottles to your friends, coworkers, neighbors, teammates, employees, book club, or anyone else!

Number Two: Eat Your Veggies

Cutting back on your consumption of animal protein is another action that packs a big eco-friendly punch. Not all meat is created equal, the protein that comes from a regenerative farm is far different from what you get at a drive-through window. In general, however, eating less meat will save precious resources, starting with the water required to grow the feed for livestock

When it comes to a sustainable diet, you don't have to go vegan or bust! You could try "Meatless Mondays," eating vegetarian breakfast during the week, or simply trusting that the vegetable option on the menu might be your next favorite thing! Embracing a vegetable-forward diet, or even a vegetable-forward dish, can go a long way.

Number Three: Vote!

Sustainable policy is an essential building block of a sustainable future. With the election year upon us, we are certain you'll be bombarded with reminders to get to the polls. We want to offer the additional reminder that voting in local elections is just as powerful as voting in presidential ones (and sometimes, more so!).

Besides voting yourself, you can encourage others to go to the polls. If you'd like to get more involved, contact a government representative in your area and ask about volunteer opportunities.

Number Four: Skip the Drive

If you drive a gas vehicle, consider limiting drives when possible. Most cities in the US are designed for cars, not pedestrians, so we understand that this isn't always an easily achievable goal, but a little creative problem-solving can go a long way!

Here are just a few examples:

  1. Start a neighborhood carpool to get the kids to school
  2. Walk downtown for date night (or rent e-bikes!)
  3. Make public transportation part of the adventure on your next night out
  4. Save your neighbor a trip and pick up their groceries with your own
  5. Bike or bus to work once a week (or more!)

Number Five: Shop for Quality

Investing in long-lasting, high-quality items will go much further than buying products that are cheaply put together and doomed to fall apart. Choosing quality over quantity is a pivotal step for a low-waste life. Of course, if you're a Sherpani customer, you already know this! We are proud to make bags that last far longer than the available alternatives.

Opting for quality will save you time and money in the long term. It will also reduce packaging waste and the carbon emissions that result from shipping!

And there you have it, some easy ways to start (or improve) your sustainable efforts. Remember that nobody is perfect, and that your actions matter!

We would love to hear from you about this important topic. What are some other choices you make in the name of sustainable living? Share your favorite eco-friendly tips in the comment section; let's learn from each other and walk together toward a greener future!


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