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Meet Our Most Sustainable Styles

If you missed our last post—What is Sustainability? + What it Means to Us—we discussed the push for sustainable practices during this time of year. April is Earth Month, and though every month is Earth Month at Sherpani, we appreciate the momentum the sustainability movement gets each year.

Sherpani is known for diverting ocean-bound plastic by repurposing plastic bottles into functional bags. We have been incorporating recycled materials into our designs for well over a decade. To continue to spread awareness about environmental practices, we thought we would introduce you to our most sustainable styles!

Sherpani travel bags are made from 100% recycled materials, though some utilize materials that are simply more unique. Two Sherpani styles come to mind as sustainable standouts! Ready to learn what goes into their eco-conscious design?


Meet the Juno!

Backpack convenience meets duffel bag storage in this do-it-all design! The Juno has a large, 24-liter capacity with an expansion zipper to maximize your packing needs. The ergonomic design includes padded and adjustable backpack straps, a sternum strap, and a hook system that supports the wearer's posture. It comes with a removable crossbody strap for even more versatility. With protective features like water-resistant fabric, RFID blocking, and locking zipper compartments, the Juno is ready to accompany you anywhere.

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Meet the Ciel!

The Ciel offers all the convenience of rolling luggage with the added accessibility of a duffel bag. The design features a retractable luggage handle and two large rolling wheels that are built to withstand divots and bumps. The moveable kickstand is a standout feature of the Ciel. Stand the bag on its own or pull the kickstand in for compact storage at home or in the overhead bin. This lightweight luggage weighs less than six pounds and is equipped with RFID protection.

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While we love their functional designs, that's not why we are highlighting these products today. The Juno and Ciel use three innovative and eco-conscious materials that really bring their sustainability story to life.

Here is what goes into making Sherpani's most sustainable designs...


Eco-Material Number One: Repurposed Plastic Bottles

These bags are no exception to our practice of repurposing plastic bottles. Each Ciel utilizes 26 bottles, while each Juno utilizes 38 bottles - all diverted from landfills and waterways. While incorporating bottles isn't unique to these two styles, the Juno and Ciel are definite contributors to our overall efforts to stop plastic from entering the sea. To date, Sherpani has repurposed 7.6 million (& counting!) plastic bottles into our designs!


Eco-Material Number Two: Repurposed Fishing Nets

The plastic hardware found on the Juno and Ciel is made from "ghost nets," which are abandoned fishing nets. An astonishing amount of the plastic in the ocean comes from fishing equipment - particularly from nets. Large and small pieces of net break off and litter the sea.

Ghost nets pose a major threat to wildlife. Sea creatures, including aquatic mammals, perish after becoming entangled in them. Nets also wash up on shores, where birds collect pieces to build nests, which results in a similar fate for their young.

The problems do not end there, either. Over time, ghost nets break down and form microplastics that get ingested by small sea creatures. The microplastics then work their way up the food chain, which, of course, ends with us. Humans have been ingesting microplastic for years; it is often found in bottled water and, unsurprisingly, in seafood.

Some divers risk their lives to recover ghost nets from the sea, and volunteers pick up net at an alarming rate during beach clean-ups. But what happens to these nets after they are recovered? Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose, so if we don't find another way to utilize the plastic in the nets, it could very well end up back in the ocean.

This is why we thought ghost nets would be a powerful material to repurpose. The Juno and Ciel are some of our most sustainably-minded bags because their bells and whistles (or, in this case, buckles and clips) are made from repurposed fishing nets!

We can't clean up the ocean overnight, but we can continue to innovate and elevate our eco-efforts where possible.


Eco-Material Number Three: Repurposed Billboards

There is another unique material that is shared by the Juno and Ciel styles, but you won't find it on the outside of the design. The interior lining of these bags is made with another repurposed material: billboards.

All Sherpani bags have a light-colored interior. We do this so you can easily see what's inside your bag, rather than having to rummage in a black hole to find your chapstick. The Juno and Ciel, however, have a special interior. It's light gray color features a swatch of what we call "Seoul Mate" - our sustainable material that is sourced from repurposed Korean billboards!

Sherpani's Compass Packing Cubes are also made with this ultra unique material!

We go from billboard... bold new pattern!

We are always drawing inspiration from destinations that inspire us. Of course, we are also constantly on the lookout for unique materials. Needless to say we discovered both inspiration and innovation in beautiful South Korea!



Both the Juno and the Ciel are crafted from 100% recycled materials and have been certified by The Global Recycle Standard to ensure there are no false environmental claims. Because of this, we think these bags have earned the title of Sherpani's most sustainable styles!

With discarded plastic bottles, abandoned fishing nets, and repurposed billboards all working their way into the design, the Juno and Ciel offer sustainable style at its best. If you're a conscious consumer looking for new travel bag, or you need the perfect gift for a sustainably-minded friend, look no further than these two eco styles!


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