Celebrate Earth Day in Style

Sherpani’s Top 5 Bags to Celebrate Earth Day!

April 22nd is Earth Day! Be proud wearing a bag that gives back to the environment just as much as yourself!
April is a month full of changing weather, blooming flowers and the celebration of Mother Earth! Earth Day is a special day for Sherpani since we pride ourselves on using sustainable fabrics that help our environment. This April chose from any of these 5 bags below to give yourself or a friend a fashionable accessory that is practical, eco-friendly and durable.
Sherpani has a wide range of bags and styles made out of durable materials that are eco-friendly. From paper to cotton to recycled water bottles, Sherpani values sustainability and the environment and our bags show the world that.


Cotton is a natural plant-based fiber or cellulose fibers. Cellulose fibers can be obtained from the bark, wood or leaves of plants, or from other plant-based materials. Cotton in particular is also biodegradable, in contrast to synthetic fabrics.

So you may ask, why is cotton so important in today's energy-conscious environment?

Cotton is the largest natural fiber supplying the global demand for textile products. In 2005, the world's demand for textile fibers was 130 billion pounds. In 2006 and beyond, world income and population growth will stimulate a 4.5 billion pound increase in global fiber demand each year. That means enough fiber will be needed for nearly 9 billion tee shirts or 2.3 billion pairs of denim jeans. And the main alternatives to cotton are non-renewable chemical fibers.

What else is cotton doing long term to reduce its environmental footprint?

New technology, such as insect-resistant and drought-resistant varieties, continues to reduce the need for pesticides and water. These same varieties will improve yields, allowing for more cotton to be grown on the same amount of land. Conservation tillage practices (less plowing and disturbing of the soil) have increased dramatically in the U.S., leading to less erosion and runoff. These practices, as adopted in the U.S. from 1996-2004, have reduced CO2 emissions by an amount equivalent to removing over 27,000 cars from the road-permanently!

Shop Cotton with the American Ethos Collection, our Earth Day Pick from this collection is the Tempest convertible Backpack to Tote.  

  • The Tempest

  • Clever, functional and versatile; this luxe backpack converts into a tote or backpack with one swift motion. This bag features genuine leather tassels to accent the durable and sustainable cotton canvas material. With earthy tones, numerous compartments, and a convertible design - this bag allows you to backpack during the day and tote at night, reducing your carbon footprint while still looking on trend. 

    The Tempest retails for $149.95 : Shop it Here  


    Yes, you read that correctly. Paper. Sherpani has always prided themselves on our advancement in textile technology and ingenuity. They did it again with the Tokyo Ethos Collection. This collection features "Paper Leather". What is "Paper Leather"? This material is 100% paper, the leather tanning process transforms the material into a supple, durable and water resistant fabric. Our Paper Leather is Recycled - Recyclable and - 100% Biodegradable; lowering the environmental impact with sustainable material choices. Paper Leather is a material as naturally beautiful as the women who choose to carry it. 

    Shop Paper with the Tokyo Ethos Collection, our Earth Day Pick from this collection is the Nau Backpack. 

  • The Nau

  • Durable, fashion forward and environmentally friendly, the Nau backpack is made out of recycled, recyclable and 100% biodegradable paper that is also water resistant! The trendy shape of the bag with the bright detailing and Japanese lettering add eye catching details that will enhance and spice up your eco-friendly choices. 

    The Nau retails for either $99.95 or $129.95 for our special edition colors featured above : Shop it Here 

    Water Bottles 

    Sherpani has always had a passion for not only our mountains but also our oceans. In 2009 when the founders of Sherpani, Maria and Ed Ruzic, took their two girls on a sailing trip to the outer islands of the Abaco’s. The first stop was the Gumelemi Cay, a small uninhabited island with a pristine white sandy beach and turquoise blue waters. 

    “We were so eager to get in the water, as soon as the anchor was set; we all jumped off the back of the boat into a mesmerizing, blue ocean. We were immediately stunned to see how much trash there was on the ocean floor. We grabbed a Kayak to pack as our garbage truck; In the first 10 minutes of the first day we pick-up a dozen water bottles and aluminum cans.”

    10 days later, back at the office, Maria and Ed began looking for recycled fabrics that would look good, work great and help relieve some of the plastic pressure on the world’s oceans. Since then, Sherpani has made an effort to always choose textiles that can benefit our oceans without compromising style. In the following 9 years, Sherpani has repurposed an estimated 3.2 million water bottles that might have otherwise polluted our land and seas. Not bad; right? To learn more about Sherpani's conscious choices visit our : Blue Verve Project. 

    Shop Water Bottles with the Essentials Collection, our Earth Day Picks from this collection are the Camden 3-in-1 Backpack, Crossbody or Tote, The Dispatch 3-in-1 Backpack, Crossbody or Tote and the Esprit Sling. 

    The Camden 

    This bag can be worn as a crossbody, a tote, or a backpack to adapt to your ever-changing schedule. Made out of recycled water bottles, the Camden has a 15’ laptop sleeve that protects your computer while also keeping it secure. The versatile straps allow this bag to be used for many occasions or trips and allows you to feel good about the environment while you utilize all it has to offer. 

    The Camden retails for $99.95 : Shop it Here 

    The Dispatch 

    Three bags in one? The Dispatch can be worn as a crossbody, tote, or a backpack, making its functionality go unmatched. Made out of recycled water bottles, this bag helps you minimize your carbon footprint by using a multifunctional accessory that can be used for almost any occasion. This bag comes in 5 different colors to accommodate your personal style.

    The Dispatch retails for $79.95 : Shop it Here 


    The Esprit 

    The Esprit's teardrop shape sits comfortably on your back to help ease shoulder pain, and relieve lower back pressure. This bag is also made out of recycled water bottles and has a slim shape. This environmentally friendly bad cancan accompany you on any hike, day trip or travels you decide to embark on. With multiple compartments, this bag can fit more than you think and allows you to spread out the weight of your items throughout this unique shape. 

    The Dispatch retails for $49.95 : Shop it Here 

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