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Blue Verve Project inspires individuals and organizations to eliminate ocean plastic pollution at the source by raising consciousness, providing educational resources and supporting meaningful action.  We believe that healthy marine ecosystems are vital to human health and the enjoyment of our planet.  We believe that the complex cultural and economic answers lie below the surface. Blue Verve is diving deeper to discover the sustainable solutions.

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Community Involvement

Blue Verve Project supports global solutions and local actions.  While we need to stop plastic pollution before it enters the waste stream, getting out to clean up our local community is one of the best ways to raise awareness locally and do our part to keep upstream trash from reaching the ocean.  Read more about the impact of our recent creek cleanup here

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At Blue Verve Project, we turn to wild places to search for the unexpected, but plastic is the one surprise that disheartens us.  Blue Verve Project was born out of our desire for a restorative relationship between people and nature.

Trash in the ocean reaches even the most remote islands and reefs. Sherpani’s founders, Ed and Maria, were first inspired to change this during a family trip.  Ten years ago, they set out to find tranquility and unspoiled white sand in the outer islands of the Bahamas, sailing miles away from the nearest town.  Rather than uninterrupted blue waters, they were greeted by an ocean littered with trash.  They realized there was far more plastic floating in the waves than they could possibly pick up in just one day.  Upon returning to Sherpani’s office, Ed and Maria began thinking up ways to make a difference.

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By creating beautiful bags from recycled materials, Sherpani has diverted 4.2 million (and counting!) plastic bottles from polluting our lands and waterways. Sherpani has a long history of giving a second life to single-use plastics.

We're not stopping there though - Blue Verve Project will continue to ensure Sherpani’s new products will be made from the most functional and sustainable materials possible to empower our customers to be a part of the solution.  We’re working to create more products that directly contribute to reducing plastic waste in the ocean, in addition to our existing collections of recycled material.  

Blue Verve Project started as an internal initiative within Sherpani to consciously do the right thing, but now we want to empower others to make a difference too. Together, we can quietly do the right thing everyday for our people and our planet.

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Get Involved

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Blue Verve Project, Champion of Sustainability Award

Awards & Certified Material

Sherpani’s use of recycled materials have earned us recognition from the industry leader, REPREVE.  In 2018, Sherpani was honored to win the All-In Champions of Sustainability award. We love working with REPREVE to create styles that function throughout customers’ everyday lives and outlast the trends. We’re excited to continue our commitment to reducing ocean plastic with innovative products for feel good functionality.

Blue Verve Project certifies that the fabric in Sherpani's Essentials, Anti-Theft and Open Your Eyes Collections is 100% recycled material. Sherpani uses REPREVE fabric that can be traced from bottle to bag so you can be confident that your choice to buy Sherpani products supports a solution to the global plastic waste problem.
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Blue Verve Project, Shop Sustainable Styles

Learn More

We're so glad you're passionate about protecting our oceans!  At Blue Verve Project, we love connecting concerned citizens with the resources to make a difference. Check out our FAQs page to get the facts on marine debris and skim our favorite articles and studies on the topic.