10 Must-Have Outdoor Dog Accessories for Your Active Pup

August 26 is International Dog Day, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than loading our furry friends up into the hatchback and hitting the trail.

Our partner brand OllyDog has outdoor dog accessories that can help you celebrate the occasion and get the most out of the last (dog) days of summer. 

OllyDog shares the same sustainability values as we do here at Sherpani, which means you can expect high-quality and recycled materials in their products, too.

Here’s our roundup of the best dog hiking gear that’s both durable and sustainable — so you can feel good knowing that this cute and rugged dog gear is also doing good for the planet. 

Who’s ready for a W-A-L-K?


1. Alpine Reflective Harness


Recognize the print? We thought so. You’ll see the same print on a few of our bags here at Sherpani!  

This everyday dog harness brings functionality and style. Made from recycled plastic water bottles, your dog will be secured and comfortable all day long. 

With 3 adjustable buckles and reflective pipping, you can see your dog in low lighting. And you can hook up their leash quickly and easily at a trailhead or dog park. 

The padded lining is breathable and allows for a full range of motion, so they can jump into that lake or shake for a treat. Plus, who doesn’t love that Tree Hugger pattern?

Get the best dog harness for your active pooch >


2. Bark Brite All Weather Dog Boots

They’re also super practical in keeping your dog comfortable in all kinds of weather conditions. They protect your dog’s paws from hot asphalt, frozen trails, and any sharp objects hiding in the grass. 

Strap your dog into these comfy water-resistant booties and get ready to take some adorable photos. 

Give your dog’s paws the protection they need in the outdoors > 


3. Rescue Collar


You already know the Sherpani team loves creative, sustainable solutions. So why should our OllyDog outdoor dog collars be any different? 

This dog collar is made from scrap yarn that would have ended up in a landfill, plus repurposed webbing that can be reused up to 10 times!  

This collar has all the features your dog needs: durability, quick-release buckles, and an easy air dry design. And did we mention this dog collar is super cute?  

Get this sustainable dog collar made of recycled materials >


4. Flagstaff Adjustable Spring Leash


Not all dog leashes are created equal. And as far as active dog gear goes, this is our frontrunner.  

This leash gives your dog additional range for your pup to roam, with a built-in elastic bungee to gently pull them back when they get too excited in the parking lot. The tangle-free design give you optimal control, so no more knotted up leashes for you. 

The handle on this leash is padded too, so you can securely and comfortably keep your grip if a squirrel darts across the trail. 

Try this durable dog leash in 6 unique colors >


5. Flyer Disc Frisbee


Your dog agrees: you can never have too many dog toys.  

We’d venture to say their top pick would be this flyer disk that’ll bring your pup infinite joy fetching outside. Favorite features include lightweight design, soft and non-toxic fabric, and water compatibility. 

This dog accessory is a must for tug-of-war, fetch, and epic sprints at the dog park. Just keep a close eye on this toy — other dogs will want to steal it for themselves!

 This frisbee made of recycled materials is perfect for playtime > 


6. Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball and Launcher

There’s a reason you see so many of these bright orange balls at the dog park — they’re awesome!  

These high-bouncing balls are a crowd pleaser at the park. They’re specifically designed for epic games of fetch, are made of extra-thick rubber, and aren’t easily lost with their bright colors. 

Bounce a ball hard on the ground and watch your pup go crazy, or pair it with the Chuckit Launcher to send your dog on a sprint.  

Get hours of fun with this dog toy made for rough play >


7. Whyld River Ultralight Doggy Sleeping Bag 

This level of cute should be illegal. 

After a long day gallivanting in nature, your pup’s going to be ready for a snooze. Send them straight into their doggy dreams with an ultralight sleeping bag built for camping and the outdoors. 

Made of responsibly sourced duck down, your dog can rest well knowing this brand is protecting the planet. 

Our favorite part? For every 10 dog sleeping bags they sell, they donate 1 to the Portland Animal Welfare Team. 

Sleep tight in these doggy sleeping bags >


8. OllyBottle  


It’s been a hot summer, which means you need to keep your dog cool while you’re adventuring.

Not every dog park or trailhead has a reliable water spigot, and chances are you don’t want to share your bottle with your pup. No judgement if so — you do you. 

But if not, the OllyBottle is the perfect way to give your dog fresh water on the go. The design is lightweight with a detachable bowl that allows you to refresh your dog easily on a hot day. 

Bonus: it’s dishwasher safe. 

Get this travel-friendly dog bowl for summer adventures >


9. Crumple Travel Bowl  


Packing your dog’s food up for a trip isn’t always easy, especially with big bulky bowls. 

But now you can skip the struggle with a collapsible and super portable doggy bowl that’s great for treats, training, or a case of the munchies in the middle of a hike.  

It holds ½ liter of dry food and is easy to clean since it’s made of all recycled materials.

This dog bowl is great for hungry pups on the go > 


10. Scoop Pick Up Bag


What’s got 4 legs and just made a mess on the neighbor’s lawn? Probably your dog. 

Ditch stuffing poop bags in your pockets and opt for this accessible and easy-to-use bag holder that clips conveniently to your belt or your dog’s leash. The zipper closure holds bags in while you and your dog stroll around town. 

This stylish scoop bag comes in 10 fun designs >


Make the Most of the Last Days of Summer


The months may be changing, but summer isn’t over just yet. You and your furry friend still have time for some new outdoor adventures together.  

Whether you’re taking a weekend trip to a mountain town or checking out the farmer’s market with your pup, we’re excited to see you chase your summer goals.

Looking for a boost of inspiration? Check out our tips to crushing your summer bucket-list >

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