We Want You to Join our Team!

Open position: Social Media Specialist

    1. Experience in Social Media Marketing - Instagram, FaceBook, Pinterest, Snapchat.
    2. The key skill is understanding of how social media can be used to grow business and an understanding of general branding principals: who is the audience, where is the audience, and how to speak to the audience.
    3. Support brand awareness and engagement and ensure we are telling stories consistently through our media that reflects our brand. 

      Please email for full job description. 


      Open position: Web Development and E-Marketing Specialist.


        1. Experience in Website development and maintenance - Shopify Preferred.
        2. Experience in E-Mail Marketing and Retargeting Flows - Klavyio Preferred. 
        3. Experience with interpreting data and reporting trends to the Marketing Team.

        Please email for full job description.

        C o m p a n y   B e n e f i t s:

        About our company perks:

        • 3 weeks paid Vacation.

        • Generous holiday time off.

        • 5 days additional PTO for unexpected hardships.

        • ½ day Fridays on during Summer Hours.

        • Flexible work-from-home policy 1 day per week during Winter Hours.

        • 100% payment of health insurance.

        • 100% dental Insurance.

        • Small business 401K plan with an employer matching contribution (after 6 mo).

        • 75% discounts on Products.

        Sherpani is a leader in lifestyle bags for women who define their own meaning of success and do not conform to one way of life. Inspired by Modern Alpine Culture and Coastal Attitudes, we are creating unique designs with smart features and high quality natural materials.

        We believe that simplicity always works, and that nature restores the human spirit. We believe that the choices we make are just as important as the bags that we make. We are quietly doing the right thing everyday for our people, our followers and our planet.

        Based  in sunny Boulder Colorado since 2002