5 Inspiring Women Changing the Future of Our Environment

Happy Women’s History Month! 

At Sherpani, we believe in celebrating powerful women on their journeys through work and play year-round. Whether you’re a responsible hiker or you’re helping keep the planet healthy through sustainable shopping, we love seeing women thrive out in nature. 

This month, we want to honor the tireless work of female environmentalists and leaders. These women have changed the world around them in powerful ways, and deserve to have their stories shared.

We’re excited to highlight 5 of our favorite women in the outdoor space who are inspiring change and breaking boundaries. Read on to learn about their journeys and how you can get involved in their incredible causes!

1. Gina Bégin — Outdoor Women’s Alliance

It can be hard for young girls to find community in the outdoors space. Without individually-focused sports programs, some girls aren’t able to gain the confidence they deserve.

Bégin recognized this struggle and wanted to provide women and girls of all ages the chance to have adventures in the wilderness. She founded Outdoor Women’s Alliance (OWA) to provide programs for women to become aspiring outdoor professionals. This includes a network of like-minded organizations, brands, and a built-in online community for women to connect.  

Check out their hundreds of blogs and resources about how women can make the most of their favorite activities!

Donate now to help build women’s leadership through adventure > 

2. Betty Reid Soskin — Park Ranger and Conservationist

Betty Reid Soskin is truly one-of-a-kind. At 100, she’s the oldest active park ranger in the National Park Service.

She’s not shy about sharing her story, either. During World War II she got involved in diversity and inclusion in the outdoor space and made sure that all women were included in making history. 

She started her career as a park ranger at 85 and began consulting for the Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historical Park to include BIPOC in the conservation movement.

You can still find her giving ranger talks online, making change for the environment, and reminding us that you’re never too old to make a difference in the world. 

Catch her next virtual chat >

3. Kris Tompkins — Tompkins Conservation, former Patagonia CEO

While she was only chief executive officer of Patagonia briefly, she donated much of the company’s revenue to humanitarian causes. 

Her passion is in restoring and protecting the biodiversity of Chile and Argentina. Through her activism, and by creating the Tompkins Conservation, she collaborates with governmental agencies and local groups to preserve the most beautiful places in the world. 

She’s helped to create 6 national parks and the largest private wildlife sanctuary open to the public. We’re so grateful we can continue to enjoy these beautiful parks because of her!

Get involved in the Tompkins Conservation to protect the wilderness > 

4. Rue Mapp — Founder of Outdoor Afro

Overseeing national volunteers and partners, Mapp founded Outdoor Afro in 2009 to promote Black leadership in conservation efforts in 56 U.S. cities and counting. 

Through nature summits, hiking adventures, and local meet-ups, she helps empower the Black community to get out and enjoy nature — and help protect it! 

In 2010, Mapp was invited to the White House to partake in the America’s Great Outdoors Conference and was also a pivotal contributor in what became First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign.

Since then, she’s been named a National Geographic fellow, an AFAR Travel Vanguard Honoree, and proudly serves on some of the country’s most prestigious environmental boards. 

Stay tuned for her upcoming book about celebrating Black joy in nature >

5. Lynsey Dyer — Professional Skier & Founder of SheJumps

Lynsey Dyer knows a thing or 2 about taking risks. She’s an elite skiing champion, and the first woman to land the infamous Cave air cliffs outside the Jackson Hole mountain ski boundary.

She’s also won every major big mountain competition she’s entered, bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “the sky’s the limit!” 

To give back, Dyer founded SheJumps, a nonprofit that teaches girls to overcome limiting beliefs and push themselves in the outdoors. That means hitting the highest jumps and joining bold outdoor education programs.

As if that weren’t enough, Dyer is also an established filmmaker and photographer, with her work featured in National Geographic, GoPro, and more. 

Follow Lynsey Dyer on her epic outdoor explorations >

Celebrating Women Everywhere

We love making bags for everyone who loves getting out in nature and finding new adventures — solo hikers, athletes, and all the women out here hustling for their dreams! 

We’re proud to celebrate Women’s History Month with all of you. There are countless women making waves and inspiring us all year long as they protect the planet and lift up the communities around us. 

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