5 Outdoor Ideas to do with your Mom

Give back the gift of adventure to the woman who means the most in your life!
With the weather warming up, we are given the gift of more hours of sunshine and great temperatures. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, here are 5 Outdoor Ideas to do with your Mom…

Get active at your local park

Head down to your local park and get your groove on! Show your mama what she gave you and challenge her to an ab work out or run around the track. Get the whole family involved with a game of basketball or tennis! A little competitive fun is always exciting, especially with your mom!

Community service activity...give back to the community since your mom has given you so much

Your mom has given you so much so why not team up with her to give back to your community? Volunteering is a great way to not only spend time together but to be a part of something special that will enhance your community and the bond you and your mother have. Whether it’s volunteering at your local soup kitchen for a couple of hours or doing an all day project in the city cleaning up your community, this experience will make you feel closer to your community and your mother.

Hike, Walk or Beach Stroll

Small town? Big City? Surrounded by mountains? Ocean down the street? Regardless of your surroundings, taking a hike in the mountains, a walk through the city or even just relaxing at the beach is a perfect way to spend time with your mom. Whether you plan a picnic after hiking your favorite trail or reading this week’s book club novel, you will be able to spend countless hours with the one you love with the endless possibility of active and relaxed activities.

Plan a day in the city

Whether you live in a small town or close to a city, planning an all day event in one of your favorite places with your mom will bring endless smiles without breaking the bank. Sometimes the best things in life are free...like having a mom who doubles as your best friend. Invite her to go for a walk on your favorite street in the city, a picnic in the park or take her to her favorite museum!


Spa Day in the Sun

Who doesn't love a spa day? Treat your mom to a day of yoga, manicures and more with an outdoor spa day. This activity lets you be creative and unique and tailor it to your mom’s own personal needs. Regardless if she is an active individual or a mellow soul, she will be sure to have a smile on her face when you tell her that this day is all about pampering her under the sun. This will make your mom feel like a queen and you get to pamper yourself too! What could be better?
Tip: Bring a facemask and put it on before completing your yoga session

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