6 Of Our Favorite Activewear Brands That Won't Break The Bank

At Sherpani, our love of activewear is real. Stylish, comfortable, studio-to-street clothing that can take you from your workout straight through your day? Yes, yes, yes. And with the explosion of WFH during the pandemic, athleisure's grip on the fashion world has only gotten tighter. But unlike any trend, we think this one is here to stay! 

When thinking about our favorite activewear, a few things come to mind; affordable, sustainable, and good quality. Since navigating which brands are best can be overwhelming, we've put together a handy list of our favorite sustainable athleisure lines that will make you look good, feel good, and won't cost an arm and a leg. 


Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective checks all the boxes: affordable, sustainable, size-inclusive, and practices ethical manufacturing. Oh, and did we mention? All their textiles are made from recycled materials (i.e., plastic bottles). Bonus points go to their recycling program (called ReGirlfriend) that incentivizes returning your old Girlfriend clothes with $15 towards your next purchase. 

Looking for the perfect bag for Girlfriend Collective's minimalistic styling? Check out our Esprit Sling Backpack. With a sleek and simple design, it's the perfect pair. 



We love Pact for its simplistic yet impactful messaging; Pact is on a mission to be Earth's favorite clothing company—and we think they are off to a fantastic start. They use fabrics made from sustainable organic crops, chemical-free dyes, employ fairtrade manufacturing standards, and use carbon-offset shipping—which means they compensate for carbon emitted through transportation by investing in wind energy. This results in a net zero effect of carbon dioxide. The Pact also offers more than just activewear—they also carry comfy casual clothes for women, men, and children, so there's something for the whole family. 

Pact's easy-breezy styling calls for the same attributes in a bag. That's why we think our Pinot Shoulder Bag fits the bill—securely (and stylishly) haul your necessities without being weighed down.



Tentree's name says it all: the company plants ten trees for every purchase. As of this writing, they've planted almost 100 million trees, proving they mean what they say. They also only use organic or recycled materials, cutting back on wasted water and emissions. Besides having cute active and casual wear, they also offer points on purchases you can redeem the next time you shop. 

Since Tentree's apparel is casual and outdoorsy, we love pairing it with our Dispatch Bag, which functions as a backpack, crossbody, and a tote. Whether you're heading out for adventure or just on your daily commute, the Dispatch is the perfect go-to bag no matter what your day looks like.  



Upwest believes in "comfort for good,"—which works for us on two levels. First, you'll be comfortable no matter where you are or what you're doing. And the second is, of course, comfort for the good of the planet. Upwest fabrics include recycled polyester, organic cotton, and recycled nylon, but their mission doesn't end there. The most remarkable thing about this brand? They pay for shipping when you donate gently used clothes with their Give Back Box and support those in need with the Upwest Foundation. With a line of stylish activewear, casual clothes, and classic accessories, Upwest hits the mark.

Whether you're wearing the perfect beach pant, tank dress, or romper, we think the classic styling of our Tempest Tote adds the right mix of understated sophistication (and has room for all your stuff).



Boody's signature fabric is softer-than-soft bamboo viscose, making your body and conscience feel good. Not only is their fabric organic, but they also use the entire bamboo plant and corn-based biodegradable packaging. Since bamboo plantations produce 30% more oxygen than the equivalent area of trees (and absorb more greenhouse gases), we're on board to get comfy with Boody

With Boody's clean lines, we like keeping it simple and stylish with our Sonora Convertible Bag. The Sonora makes the perfect match to be slim and sleek (and with anti theft protection). 



prAna's goal is to inspire you to get outside, get active, and thrive—and they do so with lines of relaxed, fashionable, functional, and casual wear. prAna can take you straight from your hike to your matcha-meet up with friends, keeping you comfy and looking stylish all the while. But what we like most is their commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing. Since its founding in 1992, prAna has been committed to creating "clothing for positive change." That means using various sustainable materials, like organic cotton, hemp, recycled polyester, regenerated nylon, and cellulosic fibers made from renewable resources. As the first North American apparel company to be Fair Trade Certified, sustainability is not only in their clothing—it's in their DNA. 

We think a classic, eco-friendly brand deserves an equally classic, eco-friendly tote. This is precisely why our favorite bag for prAna is our one-and-only Cali AT.

Refresh for the Season Sustainably

Fall is right around the corner, and while we don't want to see summer go, we love how the change of season inspires us to refresh our routines, get outside, and enjoy nature. Thankfully, the slow fashion movement is growing, putting stylish, comfy, and sustainable fashion within reach. We think you'll love the brands as much as we do—happy shopping!

P.S. We think you'll love our Essentials Collection if you need a sustainable, stylish, no B.S., do-it-all bag to go with your new athleisure.

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