Elevate Your Self-Care at These 6 Relaxing Natural Hot Springs Across the US

‘Tis the season to go off the beaten path!

Maybe you’re ready to cash in on that PTO or you’re just looking for a weekend with no Wi-Fi. Either way, we know just the thing to ring in the new year totally refreshed and ready to take on anything: hot springs.

The US has some of the most beautiful hot springs in the world, and we’re here to give you the lowdown on the best spots to check off your bucket list.

It’s time to step up your self-care game with natural hot springs filled with soothing minerals. The best part? Most of them are hidden away in breathtaking scenery.

Get your suit ready and prepare for some seriously remote relaxation. Just be warned — these hot springs resorts are so luxurious, you might not want to come home!

1. Summer Lake Hot Springs, Oregon

Bend, Oregon is a beautiful place to visit any time of year. But if you’re headed there this winter, don’t miss a hidden hot spring spot just 2 hours away.

Settled in rustic geothermal cabins, you’ll stay warm in between soaks in the 118 degree pools overlooking the open landscape. You can make a weekend of it and stay in the beautiful guest houses and cabins.

Filled with natural minerals, this is the perfect place for peace and quiet during the crazy holiday season. Leave your worries behind and soak in pure bliss.

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2. Wilbur Hot Springs, California

This place is more than a hot spring resort: it’s a full-on sanctuary.

Discover peace like never before at this 1800-acre Nature Preserve just 2 ½ hours north of San Francisco. Along with the soothing hot springs, hike the historic trails, book a therapeutic massage, and search for exotic wildlife — all in one stunning location.

You can always have fun in the big city. But this is where you’re going to want to unwind for the day (or a few).

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3. Goldmyer Hot Springs, Washington

Tucked into the vast Cascade Mountains, this hot spring is about as remote as it gets.

Be prepared to hike about 4 ½ miles through the backcountry to get to the hot springs and campsites. But it’s totally worth it with a view like The Middle Fork Valley. On the way, you might even spot a few dormant volcanoes!

Be sure to check their website, as they update it with road conditions, reservation information, and even what time you can catch the sunset.

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4. Iron Mountain Hot Springs, Colorado

16 geothermal soaking pools nestled along the Colorado River? With this kind of variety, you’ll no doubt find the perfect pool to kick back in and relax.

You’ll come for the hot springs, but you’ll stay for everything else. Shopping and dining in and around the facility are top-notch, with small town vibes that’ll have you feeling at ease even during the holiday rush.

If you’re bringing kids, they’ll love it here, too. There’s a freshwater family pool right within view of the elevated hot springs whirlpool, so you can soak while they play and never miss out on your relaxation time.

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5. Strawberry Park, Colorado

Just north of Steamboat Springs is one of the nicest hot springs in the US. The stone pools rest alongside a mountain creek, giving you a breathtaking backdrop for your soak.

The resort has a wide range of pools, ranging in size and temperature. For cold winter days and nights, hang out in the heated cabins and picnic areas. And be sure not to skip a massage when you’re there — combined with the hot springs, you’ll enjoy ultimate relaxation.

Strawberry Park provides adorable and rustic accommodations, from a train caboose to a covered wagon. While it hasn’t snowed in Colorado yet (fingers crossed for the climate!), be prepared to drive up the mountain with 4-wheel drive and sturdy snow tires.

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6. Cottonwood Hot Spring Inn, Colorado

One of the purest sources of gravity-fed geothermal water in the US, this hot spring resort in Buena Vista isn’t just relaxing — it’s renewable!

Cottonwood Hot Springs uses wind, solar, and geothermal energy to power the facilities along with sustainable building materials and bedding.

The resort is also surrounded by the San Isabel National Forest and has access to whitewater rafting, hiking trails, and horseback riding. So you can kick back and relax after a full day of activities with a long soak in the purest waters in Colorado.

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Travel Responsibly This Season

The end of the year is a time to set your sites on new adventures for the year to come. But without sustainable travel practices, all that globetrotting can take a toll on the environment.

Make it a New Year’s resolution to travel responsibly and sustainably in 2022 through ecotourism.

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