How Sherpani's Chic and Durable Essentials Collection is Sustainably Made

Sustainability and environmental stewardship are the beating heart of Sherpani’s mission and vision. While we believe in bringing style into your everyday life or exciting adventures, sustainable fashion and manufacturing eco-friendly bags and travel gear is our ultimate goal. 

Whether you’re hopping on a plane for a weekend getaway, taking a brunch break with the gals, or hitting your favorite trail, you want a bag that makes you look good and feel good about your impact on the planet. 

We also know that as a gal on the go, you require a bag that is durable and can hold onto all your daily essentials. Especially on those days when you’re going straight from the office to happy hour!

That’s why we created our Essentials Collection, a series of sustainably made bags made for any occasion. Each iconic bag is made from 100% recycled fabric and hardware. 

We created these women’s bags for the ladies who love living an outdoor lifestyle and who enjoy expressing your own unique style. 

Learn how our ongoing dedication to the environment and earth-friendly manufacturing process gives you endless options for sustainable, stylish fashion.

How Our Essentials Collection is Made

Sherpani’s passion for respecting and protecting the planet is demonstrated in everything we do — especially how we create our products.

Each Essentials product is produced from certified Repreve fabrics — a textile that turns discarded plastic bottles into soft, durable fabric. 

Repreve is the leading performance fiber made from recycled materials and is used by other brands like PrAna, Toad & Co., and Patagonia. Each item made with Repreve fabrics has been tested and certified by U TRUST® ensuring that all points of the supply chain are eco-friendly and produce the highest quality product. 

By using these materials, Sherpani has transformed more than 4.2 million bottles (and counting!) into sustainable women’s backpacks, purses, crossbody bags, and travel gear.

Sherpani’s Focus on Ethical and Eco-Friendly Production

All Sherpani factories are regularly inspected and certified by Elevate Limited. They help make sure that we, along with other slow fashion brands, are meeting the standards necessary to ensure that our manufacturing process has the lowest environmental impact possible.

Because of our process, Sherpani has remained an industry leader in creating products made from recycled materials and non-toxic dyes. We also led the charge in providing fair labor agreements and implementing chemical restrictions in our manufacturing process long before B-Corp and Bluesign made these practices mainstream.

What inspires us to keep on with our approach is knowing that while we’re aiming to protect the planet and ethically provide work, we’re also creating a stylish, durable product for customers like you who have an affinity for both adventure and sustainable fashion.

Our Continued Dedication to Sustainability

Sherpani’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop with our manufacturing process. That’s why we decided to branch out and also make eco-friendly dog gear for active pups and their outdoor-loving humans. 

It’s also why we started the non-profit organization, Blue Verve Project. We believe that the health of our oceans and marine ecosystems are vital to the health and preservation of our planet. 

Through Blue Verve Project, we work to uncover sustainable solutions to increasing levels of plastic pollution in the world’s water. We’re also able to provide information on best practices when it comes to the recycling process and how you can limit recyclable waste in your home.

By stopping plastic at its source, promoting recycled materials, and hosting community cleanup events, our hope is future generations will be able to enjoy a cleaner, healthier planet. 

Finally, we’d never miss the opportunity to support a fashion show based on sustainably-made designs! Sherpani also sponsors Trash the Runway, a competitive event that encourages young people to create clothing made solely from recycled materials. 

Programs like this continue to show how meaningful it is to create useful things made from recycled materials!

Shop Sherpani’s Sustainably Made Essentials Collection

Supporting slow fashion brands and purchasing products that are made from recycled materials is a wonderful (and fun!) way to do your part in preserving the environment. 

At Sherpani, we believe in following your passions. For us that has long been rooted in helping our planet through providing eco-friendly options for the badass woman on the go. 

No matter what the occasion is — you need a stylish, no BS, do-it-all bag. 

Shop our Essentials Collection today! >

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