It's All About Balance: 10 Minute At-Home Yoga Routine

It’s time to get your zen on! We know life can get hectic, which is why taking little moments for yourself is important. Sometimes it can be tough to find time in your busy schedule to book 45 minutes for a yoga class- but you can always find time for a 10-minute routine. The best part? You can easily do this from the comfort of your own home.


Whether you are looking for a quick stretch for your body to start off your morning or to de-stress after a busy day, this 10-minute yoga routine can improve your mental space and rejuvenate your body. We suggest setting aside 10 minutes of your time for these grounding yet energizing yoga poses.


A woman practicing yoga in child's pose

Child's Pose- Balasana 

First, arrive on your hands and knees. 

Spread your knees wide, and rest your torso between your knees. Elongate your arms alongside your torso with your palms facing down. Relax your shoulders, stretch those muscles, and rest for as long as needed.


A woman practicing yoga in cat pose A woman practicing yoga in cow pose

Cat/Cow Pose- Marjaryasana/Bitilasana

Begin this pose with your hands and knees on the floor. Keep your hands shoulder distance apart.

As you exhale, arch your spine toward the ceiling. Next, turn the crown of your head and your tailbone toward the floor. Your arms should stay straight as you push the floor away. 

Allow your head to drop naturally and keep your shoulders relaxed, stretching your muscles and preventing injury. Relax your spine to release the pose.

Repeat three to six times.

A woman practicing yoga in cobra pose  


Cobra Pose- Bhujangasana

Lie on your stomach, palms down. Then, distance them from your body and flatten your palms to the ground. Gently lift your upper body up from the ground and relax your buttocks to feel the stretch in your lower back. 

Hold this pose for one to three minutes.


A woman practicing yoga in a modified down dog  Woman practicing yoga in downward dog

Downward Dog- Adho Mukha Svanasana 

First, shift to your hands and knees, then walk your hands forward. Curl your toes, then gently lift your knees and tailbone. Feeling tight? Be sure to do what feels good for your body! This pose is intended to feel like a refreshing stretch- not a strain. Modify this stretch by keeping a bend in your knees and lifting your heels up. 

Firm your outer arms and shoulders, then relax your head between your arms. Keep yourself grounded through your fingers, particularly the space between your thumb and index finger.

Maintain this pose for three to six breaths.


Woman practicing yoga in mountain pose

Mountain Pose- Tadasana 

Stand with your feet parallel and a few inches apart. Lift your toes, spreading them as wide apart as possible, before putting them back on your mat. 

Next, engage your thighs by lifting the thigh muscles back and forth. Then, lift your kneecaps without hyperextending your knees. Lengthen your tailbone, then relax your arms at your sides. This stretch is excellent for scanning your body.

Hold this pose for five to ten breaths.


Woman practicing yoga in side stretch 

Side Stretch

Still standing after your mountain pose, align your legs to stand hip-width apart. 

Inhaling, raise your right arm above your head to stretch the right-side torso. Place your left palm on your left leg for support. 

After four to six breaths, exhale and release this pose before repeating it with the left arm.

Repeat this stretch three times.


A woman practicing yoga in seating breathing

Seated Breathing

Back to the floor, it’s time to oxygenate the body. Feel free to spritz some lavender into the air for a touch of relaxation. Keep your legs crossed and your eyes closed. Clear all air in your lungs by exhaling through your lips. 

Inhale through your nose for six seconds. Then, exhale through your lips for six seconds. 

Repeat for five to ten cycles of breath or as long as needed.


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