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Product Spotlight: Five New Five Star Travel Accessories from Sherpani

Summer travel is in full swing!

Along with the popular time of year for bucket list vacations, comes new travel accessories from Sherpani! Sherpani creates bags made from recycled materialsoutstanding luggage and travel accessories for womenWe empower women to explore the world with a sense of confidence, security and wonder.

We research the needs of female travelers and develop products that will elevate your travel experienceWhether you’re headed to Tokyo or Tennessee, Sherpani wants you to travel with easeThese new goodies will provide packing solutions and more; so go ahead and book your next big trip!

Read on for the details of our new travel products!

New Travel Accessory: The Savannah


Front view of the Savannah cosmetics case
Inside view of the Savannah cosmetics case

We know how hard it is to find a cute makeup bag, so we made one!

Organize and store your travel makeup in the Savannah. This cosmetic travel case is easy to clean and made from recycled materials. The interior features an elastic band with slots for makeup brushes and a mesh zipper pocket. With a place for everything, you’re makeup will be easily accessibleclearly organized and ready to use.

So bust out your favorite summer travel outfits, and let the Savannah aid your glow-up as you prep for a fancy dinner in Paris or a bachelorette party in Vegas. It would also make an awesome gift for your travel bestie!

New Travel Accessory: The Atlas


Front view of the Atlas toiletry bag
Inside view of the Atlas toiletry bag

This adorable toiletry pouch will help you stay organized during travel.

Keep your travel minis in one convenient place with this cute toiletry bag. Hot tip: The Atlas is a perfect fit for the external compartment of our Sola duffle! Combine these Sherpani styles and travel hack your way through airport security.

If you travel with a lot of tech, use the Atlas as a tech pouch for storing cords, chargers and other travel tech accessories. With mesh pockets on the inside, tangled cords are a thing of the past. Made from recycled, water-resistant material, the Atlas will keep your gear safe and dry.

The real question is not whether you should get the Atlas, but rather, should you grab two?

New Travel Accessory: Compass Packing Cubes & Compass Shoe Bag


Front view of the Compass Packing Cubes
Front view of the Compass Shoe Bag

How’s the inside of your suitcase looking these days? If you’re like us, you start your journey with neatly folded laundry, then come home with a chaotic mess. It happens, but it doesn’t have to.

The Compass Packing Cubes will turn your suitcase into a well-organized dream! Packing cubes make for easy packing and unpacking, they also provide elevated storage, accessibility and organization. The Compass Packing Cubes come in three sizes: small, medium and large.

There is also the new Compass Shoe Bag! Finally, a solution to packing shoes that separates them from the rest of your luggage. Made for one bulky pair or two small ones, you can go ahead and take that “just-in-case” pair of shoes.

These products are available individually or as a bundle. The bundle includes four total items: the Compass Shoe Bag and one Compass Packing Cube in each size. With these travel accessories inside your Sherpani suitcase, you’ll be obsessed with organization and ready for adventure!

New Travel Accessory: The Terra


Front view of the Terra backpack with cooler compartment
Close up view of the Terra tote with cooler compartment

The Terra is the perfect “personal item” for air travel because it has a built-in cooler compartment! Stock up on food for your long flight or store snacks if you’re traveling with kids. The Terra can be worn as a backpack or carried as a tote; we love a bag that does more than one thing.

Heading to a coastal town? Take the Terra on a beach picnic. Going on safari in South Africa? Keep your lunch close. Meeting a friend at the finish line of her marathon? Keep that celebratory bubbly cold. The possibilities are endless.

New Travel Accessory: The Logan

Angled front view of Sherpani mini backpack the Logan

Top view of Sherpani mini backpack the Logan surrounded by example items to fill the bag

Get ready to flip over this one! The Logan mini backpack is absolutely adorable. An all-new design for those who believe less is more; the Logan is for the minimalist on-the-go. This quirky style also brings functionality with fixed tote handles and adjustable backpack straps.

The hands-free design means you can explore more when checking out that farmer’s market or county fair. With many fun colors to choose from, the Logan is as fun as the adventures you’ll take it on!

Which of these Sherpani products have you been waiting for? Treat yourself to these new products and all of our women’s travel essentials, then get out there and see the world!

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