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Sherpani Travel: Here’s Where You’ll Have Your Favorite Meal in Prague

Colorful, historical and rich in culture, Prague is a city that will capture your heart. If you’re looking to feed your soul with a sense of adventure, here is where you’ll find it.


Prague’s stunning architecture, beautiful landscapes and affordable prices make it a popular destination for travelers from all over. This city has it all: vibrant nightlife, vivid character, a strong community and some truly delicious cuisine. Set against a gothic backdrop, Prague is unlike anywhere else.

A dark-haired women walks down a cobblestone street in Prague.

The city is a perfect match for the solo woman traveler! You can wander Prague’s centuries-old network of narrow streets and never feel alone.

Safety & Transportation

The Condé Nast Traveler lists the Czech Republic among the top ten safest countries in the world. That said, Prague is still a large metropolis and is not without petty theft. Here are a few recommendations on how to stay safe on the streets of “Praha.”

  1. Travel with a bag from Sherpani’s Anti-Theft Collection. Each bag includes RFID protection, locking zipper compartments, a chair loop lock, a ReturnMe tag and slash-proof fabric on the bottom and the straps. We design these bags to stop your personal belongings from being targeted and to let you travel with ultimate peace of mind.
  2. Prague is home to a community of kind, easy-going and mild-mannered people. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re in a pinch. This is where you may run into a language barrier, as Czech is a difficult language for those who aren’t native speakers. We’ve found that with a friendly attitude and a little patience, there is always a way to communicate.
  3. In general, Prague is a very walkable city; it’s easy to get around on foot. If you need a private car, stick to popular ridesharing apps like Uber to avoid taxi scams. Prague also has some of the best public transit in the world.

Pro tip: Keep your public transportation tickets on hand! Security guards consistently check for these and are eager to hand out fines.

Two red tram cares coming around a street corner in Prague.

Please, whenever you travel, be alert. Stay aware of your surroundings, and use common sense. Trust your intuition; a woman’s intuition never lies.


From the Dancing House to the Astrological Clock, there is no shortage of marvels in Prague. Just about everything in this city is captivating. From the historical color of Lennon Wall, to the picturesque St. Vitus Cathedral. But even among the mystery and marvel, we were struck by a simple cafe experience, that stands out among the rest.

Landscape photo of Prague. A crowd of people walk down the Charles Bridge.

To some, it may seem trivial or commonplace, but Prague’s Café Savoy is sure to charm you, no less than say, a stroll down the Charles Bridge.

The Sherpani Unmissable recommendation for visiting Prague: Cafe Savoy.

Situated along the bank of the Vltava River, you’ll find one of Prague’s most charming dining experiences. Cafe Savoy is more than just a look at a classic Czech meal. It will be an unforgettable dining experience that many, (if only they knew) would envy.

Café Savoy, established in 1893, is famed for it’s renowned breakfasts and classic Czech dishes at traveler-friendly prices. But don’t worry, if your palate is one with a taste for familiarity, even a simple plate of chicken and rice is an extravagant experience for the senses.

Close up view of hands cutting into a breakfast sandwich with fork and knife. **

Inside, you’ll find a wooden interior, chandeliers and a neo-renaissance ceiling that comes together to create an atmosphere reminiscent of the bygone era. The place is trés affordable, as you can easily get a full meal for around twenty US dollars. It is most famous for its breakfast but serves food all day and is sure to be a treat at any hour.

Inside Cafe Savoy with wooden interior and chandeliers.**

The restaurant is a favorite known to many, highlighted in such places as Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations,” season six, episode four. It has earned the Sherpani recommendation for its delectable food and classic atmosphere.

Cafe Savoy is simply not to be missed. Make sure it’s on your list, and thank us later.

A woman chef Cafe Savoy smiles while working.**

As you fine-tune those travel plans, we’d like to point out something else. The best memories often come from a spontaneous decision. So, if we may offer one last piece of wisdom in this “destination guide,” it’s to save room for… no destination at all. Take some time to let curiosity be your guide. Follow your intuition and allow yourself to be spontaneous—spontaneity led us to Café Savoy. Need we say more?! Solo travel, especially as a woman, is an empowering experience all on its own. But it also provides a rare opportunity; for a woman to do exactly what she wants when she wants. Embrace this freedom!

Pre-planned itineraries and carefully-curated lists can only take you so far when exploring a new place. When it comes to Prague, the city’s walkability allows you to have a different experience, one that’s uniquely your own. See what it’s like to take a day and just walk the narrow streets we’re so fond of. Indulge your passions and interests and never pass up the little places that catch your eye. You never know where this attitude might take you. The possibilities are as vast and unique as the city itself.

View of Prague buildings including churches and spires.

Ready to go?

The beauty of Prague is that you can get lost, and never truly feel alone. Dipping in and out of cathedrals, beer halls, and 130-year-old cafés, you will discover something new around every corner. We know that any day spent in Prague is one that will leave a lasting impression. But we also know that the best day spent in Prague starts with breakfast at Café Savoy.

Emma R

Freelance Writer


The above post is part of an ongoing segment of the Sherpani Travel Blog. We want to give travelers a singular, tangible recommendation for destinations; something we deem truly unmissable. These recommendations are carefully chosen from the personal travels of the Sherpani team.


**Photos courtesy of Ambiente Restaurants (@ambiente_restaurants)

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