The 6 Best Bags for Teachers in 2022

While the pandemic has affected everyone over the past few years, teachers have been tasked with becoming complete super heroes.

As schools around the country shuttered their doors, teachers took on new challenges as classrooms went fully remote. And while many schools are now back to in-person learning, the ongoing challenges of hybrid learning, wearing masks, and COVID safety protocols continue.

Teachers in America are fighting burnout like never before.

Our teachers deserve more than they’re getting — appreciation, support, and resources to make their job just a little easier. That includes having the right tools for school.

At Sherpani, we’ve got the best bags for teachers that work as hard as they do.

Our women’s commuter bags work great for educators who keep long hours and need a stylish and durable work bag they can depend on well after the school bell rings.

For both the holidays and the rest of the schoolyear, we’ve got the best backpacks, tote bags, and crossbody bags for teachers who deserve an upgrade.

1. The Best Teacher Backpack

As far as women’s professional bags go, the Dispatch takes the cake every single time.

Teachers will love this multi-purpose bag that snaps open with a square metal frame for easy access to lesson plans and last-minute sub-plans.

Dual pockets on the side are great for water bottles and coffee mugs for those long parent-teacher conferences. A 13-inch laptop sleeve lets teachers easily store devices without sacrificing space for everything else.

For the most adaptable teachers, you can wear this stylish laptop backpack as a crossbody or a tote as well. Because teachers know more than anyone that your schedule can change at a moment’s notice!

Shop this work bag for teachers and hardworking professionals >

2. The Ultimate Crossbody Bag for Teachers

Whether you’re headed to a teaching meeting or jetting off for a long weekend (and leaving those papers to grade at home!) you’ll love this crossbody designed for productive work days.

The Soleil has everything teacher’s need to survive a long day of parent-teacher conferences or traveling the world on summer vacation. The comfortable straps can be worn as a backpack or tote, giving you options and all-day support.  

It’s also our best-selling anti-theft bag, which makes it ideal for travel. So whether you’re headed to brunch or a European tour, your items will stay secure and accessible.

Get a crossbody that’s great for school and travel >

3. Teacher Laptop Bags

Whoever said teachers can’t be stylish definitely hasn’t seen our Miyako.

For style and functionality, this teacher bag is made with 100% recycled and water-resistant material — just in case you spill your water or coffee while rushing between lessons.

The magnetic main closure keeps your student papers organized bag while the pop of color on the inside makes a statement at morning staff meetings. We added an accessible front zipper pocket for the essentials, too, so you can quickly grab your keys when you need to make a dash out the door on weekends.

This laptop bag for women is the perfect statement piece in 5 colors >

4. The Best Teacher Work Totes

Sometimes a backpack just won’t cut it. Teachers with after-hours activities need a bag that can do it all.

Whether you’re coaching your child’s soccer team or catching an evening yoga class, you’ll love these functional and durable teacher totes that stand up to any activity.

For a packable carry-all tote, go for the Via. With 20-liter capacity, there’s nothing you won’t be able to store in this bag comfortably.

Designed to organize everything from notebooks to zip drives to energizing snacks, this teaching tote is perfect for teachers who don’t have time to pack multiple bags for school and post-work activities.

Teachers can really do it all with this all-purpose tote for work >

Add this next bag to the list of must-haves for every teacher who puts in the hours to help students while also crushing the self-care game.

The Sola TVK is the perfect tote bag for teachers who make the most of their days. The separate shoe compartment is perfect for teachers headed to the gym before or after class.

An adjustable shoulder strap makes carrying heavy-duty items a breeze — think yoga matts, running shoes, etc.

Lightweight and eco-friendly fabric will never weigh teachers down either, and you can toss this bag right in the washing machine after days when things get a little messy.

Teachers deserve a bag that works as hard as they do >

5. Statement Bags for Teachers

As a teacher you work hard to change lives. Why not make a statement while you’re at it?

The Tempest is chic and versatile, with the same convertible carrying options that Sherpani is known for (backpack, tote, crossbody…you choose!)

While it’s our most stylish statement bag, we don’t sacrifice functionality. Fit all your teaching books, tablets, and clothes for the gym in one bag for the whole day.

Shop our bold and versatile teacher bag >

6. Shop the Best Bags for Teachers in 2022

Any teacher will tell you that the profession is not for the faint of heart. Teaching takes a tremendous amount of patience, passion, and long hours.

This holiday, you can show the teacher in your life how much you care with any of our Sherpani bags that don’t crack under pressure. Or if you’re a teacher, treat yourself to a much-deserved upgrade. We won’t tell Santa.

Shop our entire collection of teacher backpacks, totes, crossbodies, and more >

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