The Best Bags for College: Laptop Bags, Backpacks, and Totes

The end of summer marks an important time for college students: it’s time to get all your books for the semester. And in doing so, you might notice your trusty book bag from last year could use an update.

Whether you’re headed back to campus or commuting to your university this fall, the most important thing to bring is a bag that can keep up with your busy schedule.

We’re talking the best backpacks and crossbody bags for laptops and heavy textbooks, totes for heading to the gym, and a cute and functional purse for brunch or a night out with friends.

Here are our favorite comfortable and stylish bags for college that’ll keep your things organized and turn heads on campus.

Best Backpacks for College

Backpacks are the OGs of college bags, and we can see why.

When you’re running around campus to catch that 8am class, you can’t afford for your stuff to be falling out of your bag and onto the Quad — even if a cute student bends down to help you pick it all up. This isn’t a rom-com. You’ve got stuff to do.

Backpacks are extremely ergonomic and distribute the weight of your laptop, books, and pens so you can comfortably carry everything you need to and from class. Here are our favorite backpacks for college:


The Mia is a frontrunner when it comes to the best college backpacks. It’s lightweight yet spacious, so you can bring everything you need without feeling weighed down.

Did we mention the material? Mia’s part of our Tyvek Collection and is made with 100% recycled Tyvek fabric, zero toxic dyes, and bonus: it’s waterproof.

So you can take it out to pick up trash in the neighborhood, or any other eco-tourism adventures you’ve got planned.

Get this sustainable backpack for the upcoming college semester >

Quest AT 

For a full course load, you need all the support you can get. That’s why the Quest makes the perfect laptop bag for college.

It’s got a laptop sleeve compatible with up to 13” laptops, and all the pockets you didn’t know you needed to organize your stuff.

Protection? It’s got that, too.

The chair loop wire lock and anti-slash bottom will make sure your things are secure on a busy college campus. Plus, RFID protection also makes this a great bag for studying abroad or international travel.

Try out the Quest backpack to keep all your things secure at college >

Best Laptop Bags and Crossbodies for College

Sometimes you feel like bringing backpack, and sometimes you feel like sporting a crossbody bag. For days when you can’t decide, why not have both?

You can balance work and play with these convertible bags that you can wear in multiple ways, and never sacrifice on fashion.

Because we all know that the best bags for college students can keep up with pulling an all-nighter at the library, and still look cute for that brunch date the next day.


Simply put: we’re obsessed with this crossover bag.

It’s got a padded laptop sleeve for up to 15” laptops or tablets, and large interior pockets to keep your stray pens and phone chargers from getting lost in the bottom of your bag.

To stay even more organized, we’ve added a key FOB and easy-access zipper pockets for phones and passports.

This bag is perfect for travel, catching a lecture on campus, or making a statement at an internship.

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You’ve got options when it comes to this college bag.

A best-seller here at Sherpani, the Soleil comes with all the features you want and love, plus added security to give you peace of mind when you’re on the go.

This anti-theft convertible bag comes with advanced RFID technology to keep your things safe from hackers who prey on college kids.

We’ve added comfortable straps and handles, too, so you can switch up how you wear it depending on your mood.

Wear your Soleil as a backpack, tote, or crossbody on campus >

Vale AT

Show off your style on campus this year with our favorite crossbody bag for school, work, and play.

The soft shoulder straps make the Vale the perfect pick for comfort on those days where you have back-to-back classes or events and want to skip shoulder and back pain.

You’ll get all the storage space you need, too. Fill it with your laptop and books, or fold over the top and pack just the essentials for a bike ride or picnic.

Versatile and stylish, this college bag is perfect for any occasion >

Best Tote Bag for College

For the daily hustle (gym, yoga, day-trips, work), you need a bag that can keep up.

The best tote bags for college give you deep interior space, with an ultralight and durable design. They’re perfect for running to an outdoor yoga session, weekend trips with the gals, or even doing a few loads on laundry day.

Here are our favorite tote bags for college.


Who ever said tote bags can’t be stylish? It definitely wasn’t us.

The Sola gives you all the bag features you need, while looking great holding your yoga mat, shoes, or workout gear.

Arguably the coolest part (there are many) about this tote for college, is that it’s machine washable, so you can throw it in the washing machine without ever having to worry about damaging the bag.

Check out the Sola’s hidden shoe compartment >

Best Purse and Go-Bag for College

We all know there’s more to college than just getting a great education. It’s also a place to explore campus events, make new friends, and immerse yourself in your local community off-campus.

For weekend events, coffee shop runs, and outdoor concerts with new friends, you’ll want a small bag that holds what you need without skimping on style.


Whether you’re in a tiny college town or a big city, the Suki is the best bag to take with you for everyday trips to the coffee shop, or special occasions like birthday dinners and graduation.

From our Open Your Eyes Collection, this bag is made from recycled plastic that could have ended up in the ocean. It’s lightweight, sleek, and perfect for holding your credit cards, phone, and daily essentials.

The pop of color on the inside lining makes it easy to find your stuff, while being extremely stylish.

Show off the Suki on a night on the town or at brunch >

Get the Perfect Bag for College and Other Adventures

If you’re headed back to college this fall, you might feel uncertain about what to expect. Some campuses are opening, while others could be staying remote.

No matter what happens, get a bag that’ll be prepared for anything.

You can stay organized and feel great with any of these incredible bags (or all of them!) to hold your school supplies and get you through your busy schedule on and off-campus.

Whether you’re headed to an early morning class or kicking back with friends on the weekends, we’re happy that you’re doing it all with a stylish bag.

Shop our college backpacks, crossbodies, totes, and more >

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