Travel Tricks for a Springtime Getaway

Four Tips to Make the Most of Any Trip!

Ah, springtime, I can almost taste you. What is it about the return of spring that makes travel so tempting? Perhaps the travel bug is a creature of hibernation, waking only when the shortest days and coldest nights are behind us. Either way, when that bug bites it means business! The time is ripe for adventure. Of course, not all getaways are created equal, so however you are choosing to travel this season, here are some ways to stretch that vacation magic a little further.

Always Pack a Book
It is much more logistically possible to revisit a book than it is to revisit a destination, and associating one with the other can be a joy. If you want to revisit Cafe Du Monde in the French Quarter of New Orleans, simply open the novel you had started a few years back when you were there waiting to devour your beignets. Trust me, it works better than you’d think. The association even works if you never actually read the book you packed! Like the time I had every intention of reading The Plague by Albert Camus on the beaches of Hawaii, but the book stayed tucked in the laptop sleeve of my backpack the whole trip. When I finally did open the cover (months later), some fine white sand from the North Shore of Oahu poured onto my lap. The delight of this far outweighed the mess, and took me right back to the ocean.
Make the Most of Mishaps

Singapore airportAbove: Singapore Airport

One of the most common travel mishaps is the dreaded delayed flight. Being stuck in an airport can feel tortuous, but I have learned a helpful way to mentally reframe the situation: airports are basically museums. Because airports are built to serve as a first impression to a visitor, there’s always art, history and culture peppered throughout the gates and terminals. Carefully chosen displays of hometown pride, which can make exploring even your own airport a worthy endeavor. My favorite hidden hometown gem at Denver International Airport is Spirit of the People: A Native American Exhibition. This massive display showcases ninety pieces of art that are scattered throughout three different locations inside the airport. The artists themselves all being members of the thirteen tribes that are Indigenous to Colorado.

Locals Do it Better

Landscape at Sunset
The travel bloggers on our newsfeeds serve as great sources for trip planning (I love the One Pack Wanderers channel for this!). While other tourists can definitely provide some helpful insight, the golden recommendations always come from those who call a destination home. So be sure to save room in the itinerary to ask a local about their favorite spots, then regard the advice with priority status. This trick is especially true for outdoor adventure, remember that park rangers love the land they survey so much they’ve made a career out of it. Who better to tip you off about that hidden waterfall?

Look UpTreesThis seemingly simple piece of advice was given to my family before heading to Italy, from a friend who had been there already. Halfway through her trip she had realized the negative impact of her natural tendency to look down. While Italian shoes are certainly worthy of some adoration, they shouldn’t get more attention than the ornate cathedral ceilings! Unfortunately, staring at our feet is all too common of a human habit. Reminding yourself to lift your gaze offers a refreshing perspective in an instant. You never know what’s painted on the ceiling, or hiding in the tallest branches of the forest trees, unless you look for it.

So go forth on your long awaited springtime getaway! Whether you’re road tripping to nearby natural wonders, or jet setting to the exotic and unfamiliar, these travel tricks will help you make the most of your well deserved break. And of course, should your springtime adventure require the best travel bags for women, we’ve got you covered.

Enjoy and Travel Safe,

Tess | Sherpani Team Member

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