What's In Your Bag?

Ahh summer… after a winter that seemed to last for an eternity, the sun is finally shining, and we are switching out the contents of our bags.  We no longer need jackets (just in case it starts snowing), just the essentials for a day in the summer heat.


Here is what is in our bag: Sherpani Edition.

Burt’s Bees Chapstick

There are a few golden rules in life: treat others how you want to be treated, see the positive in every situation, live in the moment, and there is no such thing as too much chapstick.  After a day at the pool, lounging in the sun, you feel exhausted. Your skin is dry, you are dehydrated, a little chapstick can help revive you a bit. We love Burt’s Bees because not only do they have a great quality product, but the product is natural and responsibly sourced.  The packaging is recycled--just like the materials that go into our bags.

Warby Parker Glasses

Sometimes during summer, you walk outside and are immediately blinded.  We suggest having a pair of Warby Parker Sunglasses in your bag. They are durable, prescription glasses at a great price point.  Additionally, Warby Parker has a Buy-a-Pair, Give-a-Pair program. For every pair of glasses purchased, they donate a pair to a person who does not have the resources to purchase their own.  Imagine the productivity that could be achieved if a person who was unable to see well, received a pair of glasses. Just by protecting your own eyes, you are helping people around the world see better.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

We have first hand seen the impact of plastic on the world--so much so we started something called the Blue Verve Project.  We hate to see the impact of plastic bottles, so we support reusable bottles, and our favorite is Hydro Flask. In summer you are naturally more dehydrated, so nothing tastes quite as good as ice cold water.  I fill my Hydro up in the morning with ice, and it lasts all day long. Plus, I can sticker the bottle up with my favorite teams and places, making it uniquely my own.

North Coast Organic Deodorant

I don’t know about you, but when I go out in the summer heat, I feel like I am melting.  For this reason I always carry deodorant with me so I can quickly freshen up before I run into a meeting or out for coffee.  My favorite is North Coast Organic Deodorant. It is composed of 100% organic ingredients and the company is a certified B Corporation--meaning the company focuses on the triple-bottom line: people, profits, and planet.  Our bottom line, we love their products and their mission.

Bombas Socks

Call me weird, but I always have a change of socks in my bag.  Your feet can feel icky after a number of activities: hiking when you jump across a stream, after walking across damp grass, or while simply sitting at work.  Changing my socks in the middle of the day feels ~amazing~. But I don’t carry around just any pair of socks, I like Bombas socks, because they are high tech for socks, and they donate a pair for every pair purchased.  

We hope that this summer, you get outside, travel, spend time with family, relax, and do what makes you happy.  Let us know what is in your bag my using #SherpaniLife on Instagram.


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