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Why Wireless? How Sherpani Anti-Theft Technology is Different

It's funny how experience in an industry will shape you…

If you work in insurance, you're sure to notice if your neighbor's roof isn't up to code. If you work in hospitality, you can pinpoint those details that make an enticing space so. If you work in orthodontia, you can tell which of your friends still wear their retainers. Our industries leave a lasting impression on us that can be hard to turn off.

It should come as no surprise then, that the first thing we notice about a person, is their bag.

At Sherpani, we are prone to spotting flaws in bag design. We can't help it, when something about a bag doesn't work, we turn our attention to finding a better way. This was never more evident than when we set out to design our Anti-Theft Collection.

We felt the available anti-theft bags left people, especially women, lacking. It seemed security wasn't only their central focus, but their sole one. Factors like functionality, ergonomics, and style were far from the forefront of their design.

Beyond this (or perhaps because of it), it was evident that travelers were purchasing an anti-theft bag for their trip and then tossing it aside, banishing it to some forgotten corner upon returning home. This kind of single-use consumerism doesn't serve anyone (planet included), but it was hardly the shopper's fault. Who would want to carry a heavy and clunky anti-theft bag in their daily life?

We set to work incorporating state-of-the-art security features into functional and lovable Sherpani designs. Because to make a great anti-theft bag, you must first start with a great bag. From sleek features to standout colorways, style is at the forefront of all Sherpani designs. We believe your bag should make you happy! We want you to carry it with pride.

We wanted to create anti-theft bags that did more than only protect your belongings. Of course, theft prevention was a central focus! We developed security features that correspond with the most common types of bag theft.

Cutting a purse, typically from the bottom or at the straps, is one unfortunate way that travelers get taken advantage of. Incorporating anti-slash material into our designs proved tricky; we ran into a problem that had yet to be solved.

Slash-proofing is typically achieved by embedding wires into the bag. Since wires are much harder to cut through than fabric, this effectively renders the bag "uncuttable," but doesn't mean it functions well.

There is no shortage of problems caused by including wires in a bag. Here are some of them: 

  1. Weight. Every ounce counts, not just because of airline restrictions but for your own sake. Lugging around your belongings is no fun; a lightweight travel bag will lighten your load.
  2. Bulk. Wires don't just add weight to a design, but also bulkiness. An obvious (and ugly) inconvenience in a travel bag.
  3. Bending. Wires can be bent out of shape. If your bag is dropped or the strap catches on something, it could result in a permanent kink in the wire. No, thanks!
  4. Pain. Last, but never ever least, a strap with a wire will dig into your shoulder and cause you pain or even damage with heavy use. Neck, shoulder, and back pain do not make good travel souvenirs.

We knew we could do better. Determined to make our bags slash-proof without resulting to wires, Sherpani developed our proprietary wireless slash-proof crossbody strap!

A slash-proof strap is an essential piece of the anti-theft design. Experienced travelers will warn you about the possibility of a purse snatcher cutting your strap and making off with your bag. Travel experts recommend keeping your bag close to your person, wearing it as a crossbody is the safest way to go.

Besides the strap, the bottom of your bag is the most likely place a thief will attempt to cut, hopeful to spill your belongings. We also use a completely wireless slash-proof fabric on the bottom of each Sherpani Anti-Theft design.

We aren't going to focus on all the other security features of Sherpani Anti-Theft bags, but we'll rattle them off for good measure:

(Pssst–this blog provides a full breakdown of each feature!)

Product design requires curiosity and creativity, two things we come by naturally. (The patience and determination had to be learned, but eventually, we figured those out, too.) It was time for an anti-theft bag that would better serve women, both abroad and in their daily lives. It was time for trustworthy security without problematic wires. And it was time for fashion-forward, anti-theft design you can feel good about.

Our standards don't stop with design. Did you know Sherpani bags are made from 100% recycled materials? In the case of our Anti-Theft Collection, we use recycled mélange and ballistic nylon, made from repurposed plastic! Over the years, our sustainable manufacturing process has saved millions of plastic bottles from entering the sea.

Sherpani bags are not just sustainably made but ethically made. As an industry leader in fair labor agreements, Sherpani factories are carefully monitored and regularly audited. We enforce chemical restrictions and use only non-toxic dyes that keep our people and planet safe–it's the Sherpani way.

Lastly, every Sherpani purchase is backed by our Fearless Lifetime Warranty. We stand by the quality of our products and want to make sure your bag lasts as long as possible. This way, we get to accompany you on every adventure.

Sherpani Anti-Theft bags go from office to airport to classroom to patio to subway station to grocery store. They function just as well on your daily errands as they do when exploring a big city. Shop our Anti-Theft Collection today and find your new favorite travel tote, minimalist travel crossbody, do-it-all day pack, left-handed sling bag, and much more.


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