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ReturnMe Tags: What They Are & Why They Matter

It's time for a Sherpani bag feature spotlight!

We are excited to announce that Sherpani travel bags will now feature a ReturnMe tag, connecting your favorite bag to the world's largest global recovery service. This will take Sherpani's Anti-Theft Collection to the next level by offering yet another feature of loss prevention! You can travel more and worry less knowing that our anti-theft designs all come with a signature ReturnMe tag.

What is ReturnMe?

ReturnMe is a worldwide lost and found network with 24/7/365 service. If a ReturnMe-protected item is found anywhere in the world, at any time of day, a ReturnMe agent is available to help get your belongings home. 

Since 2007, ReturnMe has facilitated tens of thousands of successful returns. Millions of items around the world are currently being protected with ReturnMe tags. ReturnMe is trusted by some of the world’s largest companies including Google, Samsung, American Express, Lexus, and many others.

Perfect for travel or everyday life, ReturnMe is an innovative way to protect all of your belongings. Whether you're trotting across the globe or down the street, ReturnMe tags will add security and peace of mind when you're on-the-go.

How Does a ReturnMe Tag Work?

Activation: When you receive your new Sherpani Anti-Theft bag, you will find a ReturnMe tag already attached. Each tag has a unique recovery ID number that you can activate online in a matter of seconds. Once activated, your bag is protected and ready for all your travels!

Lost and Found: If a ReturnMe-protected item is ever lost, finders can call a toll-free number or scan the QR code with their smartphone to report the found item. A ReturnMe agent will then facilitate the process of shipping the item back to you from anywhere in the world. This comes at no cost to you, and even includes an incentive for the finder!

Return Incentive: All ReturnMe-protected items include a reward for the finder, which is advertised right on the tag. This increases the chances of your item being returned right away! Over 80% of registered ReturnMe items that get lost are recovered within 48 hours.

Security Features: ReturnMe tags are confidential and only identifiable by number. This ensures your personal information is never compromised; no more bag tags that advertise your phone number to the masses (or that guy sitting next to you on the subway). Finders are connected to a ReturnMe professional who steps in to handle the recovery process.

Why Are ReturnMe Tags Important?

Things are lost every day in the hustle and bustle of modern-day travel. It can happen to anyone rushing through a chaotic airport security line, cramming into a public transit car in a big city, or road-tripping rural country roads. Items are dropped, forgotten, and left behind, and unfortunately, you may not realize it happened until you are long gone.

While airport terminals, subway stations, and roadside rest stops may have a traditional lost and found, it’s up to you to make the trek back to reclaim something. You could spend hours tracking down a lost item with no real guarantee of recovery. On the other hand, ReturnMe will ship an item back to you from anywhere in the world, free of charge! Their wildly successful process is made possible because of the advertised finder's reward and their round-the-clock agents, who contact you directly when an item is found.

Did you leave your bag on the metro in Paris? With ReturnMe, it could be safely delivered to your Denver doorstep. Welcome to the new age of travel and technological innovation at its best.

Which Sherpani Bags Come With A ReturnMe Tag?

The bags in our Anti-Theft Collection all come with this important travel feature. In addition to the theft prevention technology seamlessly integrated into these Sherpani styles, ReturnMe tags offer another layer of protection for smarter travel. ReturnMe tags are also a feature of Sherpani softside luggage and rolling duffle bags!


Woman standing in the city with her Sherpani Vale.

A Few Signature Anti-Theft Styles


Meet the Soleil
A hybrid design that does it all, this award-winning style is a traveler's best friend! With a roomy interior that offers tons of organization, including a padded laptop sleeve (15" compatible), the Soleil will keep all your essentials organized and protected. Top-notch security features like RFID protection, a slash-proof bottom, a wireless cut-proof strap, locking zippers, a chair lock, and a newly added ReturnMe tag keep your belongings safe and secure.
Meet the Vale
The highly versatile Vale can be switched up in seconds. With two strap options, multiple attachment points, and a reversible design, there are many ways to style this Sherpani favorite! It features RFID protection, a slash-proof bottom, a cut-proof crossbody strap, locking zippers, and a chair lock to keep all your essentials secure. A ReturnMe tag will now help to reunite you with your valuables should your Vale ever get lost.
Meet the Prima
This small travel crossbody is the perfect style for those who believe less is more. The minimalist bag features two exterior zipper pockets and an adjustable crossbody strap that is cut-proof and comfortable. The Prima provides more theft prevention with locking zippers, RFID protection, a slash-proof bottom, a chair lock, and the newly added ReturnMe tag. Safe travel done right!
Meet the Eclipse
This lunar-inspired travel tote has a unique silhouette with cornered zippers that make for an expandable design. Add that to the travel-friendly luggage pass-through, and you just found your favorite personal item for jet-setting! The Eclipse includes all the Sherpani anti-theft staples: RFID protection, locking zippers, a chair lock, an anti-slash bottom, a cut-proof, detachable crossbody strap, and, of course, the recently added ReturnMe tag.
Meet the Esprit AT
Want to take on the world hands-free? Now you can with the chic and sporty Esprit AT! The convenient design is worn over one shoulder and doesn't require removal to access the main compartment. This travel-ready sling is the Anti-Theft counterpart to the Sherpani Essentials version. RFID protection, locking zippers, an anti-slash bottom, a chair lock, and the newly added ReturnMe tag round out the security features of this travel must-have!


In addition to the features mentioned above, every Sherpani bag is made with recycled, non-toxic, and vegan materials. We focus on feel-good functionality so you can travel with freedom, confidence, and security. If you have more questions about ReturnMe tags or other Sherpani features, email, and we will happily assist you.

Safe Travels!

The Sherpani Team


Written by Lauren Rey, February 2023

Updated by Tess Victoria, May 2024


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