Show Your Bestie Some Love With These Galentine's Day Gift Ideas

Romance isn’t the only thing to celebrate this February — this month is also for celebrating your best gal pals! 

That’s right, we’re talking about Galentine’s Day. Since the popular show “Parks and Recreation” introduced this new holiday on February 13th, it’s gained serious popularity among women everywhere. 

And as the peppy “Parks and Rec” protagonist Leslie Knope once put it, “It’s only the best day of the year!” 

At Sherpani, we love celebrating and uplifting women — and we especially love showing appreciation for our besties. In honor of you and your beautiful tropical fish (one of our favorite nicknames Leslie made up for her best friend, Ann Perkins), we’ve rounded up our favorite unique Galentine’s Day gift ideas. 

There are so many ways you can show your gal pal you care. Treat her to a fun day out in Denver (if you’re locals like us), or a relaxing weekend at a natural hot spring. Gift them a stylish new travel bag, a unique subscription, or something made by you. 

Read on for our list of favorite Galentine’s Day gift ideas your gal pal is sure to love. 

Gift Her a Subscription Services

Give your bestie the gift that keeps on giving! Subscription services make for thoughtful Galentine’s Day gifts because you get to tailor the box to fit your friend’s lifestyle and tastes. 

1. Baking Fun! Box

  • This sweet DIY gift is curated by Red Velvet NYC and delivers all the ingredients to bake 2 delicious and Insta-worthy desserts. 
  • All ingredients are pre-measured, so all that’s left is combining and baking. 
  • Boxes start at $49.99 per month with options to purchase through a full year for some slight discounts.

Get her started on her journey to becoming a master baker >

2. TheraBox

  • Nothing says “thinking of you” like a box created with mindfulness and self-care at its center. 
  • Each TheraBox shipment is loaded with 6-8 wellness items like organic bath and body products, lifestyle goods, aromatherapy, clean beauty skincare, and more. 
  • Inspire more self-love and relaxation starting at $34.99 a month.

Give her self-care and self-love technique a boost >

3. Do a Shot of Yoga! Box

  • If your best gal pal likes to get up and move, she’ll love Do a Shot of Yoga!
  • Whether they’re on day 1 or are a life-long yogi, they’re sure to find motivation to deepen their practice in each box.
  • Lifestyle books, journals, yoga-themed self-care goodies, and access to classes and yoga communities come with each subscription. 
  • Boxes start at $49.99 a month.

Help her take her yoga practice to the next level >

Treat Her to a Special Experience

Experiences can make the best Galentine’s Day gifts. Instead of buying her something purchased from a store, treat your best lady friend to a day at a fabulous hot spring, an afternoon at a DIY craft bar, or pick up her favorite piece of work from a walking art show.

1. Relax in a Hot Spring

  • Outdoorsy or not, your BFF will think this is one of the best Galentine’s Day treats you can give them. 
  • Nothing beats relaxing in a soothing hot spring while you’re surrounded by beautiful scenery. 
  • Depending on where you go, prices can vary, especially if you decide to purchase lodging and make a weekend out of it.

Discover your next favorite hot spring destination >

2. Make a Reservation at Upstairs Circus

  • If you’re looking for something unique to do, make a reservation at Upstairs Circus — a DIY crafting space and bar located in lower downtown Denver. 
  • You and your BFF can enjoy a drink while you work on projects of your choosing.
  • Choose from home goods and wall art to jewelry or leatherwork. Reservations start at around $32 per person and last for 3 hours.

Make a reservation to get crafty with your bestie >

3. Celebrate Women and Art

  • The Denver Milk Market has partnered with the Athena Project — a local nonprofit aimed at empowering women through the arts — to throw a super fun and uplifting Galentine’s Day party on February 13th this year!
  • Part art installation and part boozy brunch, attendees can enjoy all-day brunch and cocktails before perusing the artwork and shopping.
  • If you can’t make it on the 13th, the art will be on display through March 31st.

Prepare for a special day out with your favorite lady >

Get Her a Must-Have Travel Accessory

Help get your bestie ready for her next great trip by giving her a unique travel accessory or travel bag. 

Help her stay hydrated with the best travel water bottle, give her a spot to keep her important travel documents, and broaden her horizons with a fun and unique travel guide. 

1. Collapsible Water Bottle

  • Gift her an eco-friendly, silicone-based reusable water bottle that can fit in her carry-on. 
  • Before she boards her plane, she can roll it right up and fit it into the tiniest of spaces. 
  • She’ll appreciate you thinking about her even when she’s away! 

Change up her hydration game with a collapsible bottle >

2. Travel Scarf

  • Cute design meets innovation with this infinity scarf
  • It’ll not only keep her cozy as she makes her way to her next destination, but it also can hide away her most important travel documents (passport, ID, etc.) when she’s out and about. 
  • This can also double as a hoodie, wrap, or shawl. 

Get her next favorite scarf in her favorite color or pattern >

3. Anywhere Travel Guide

  • Inspire her to discover the unexpected no matter where in the world she is with this travel guide
  • Filled with 75 prompts, she’ll meet new people, explore her surroundings, and bring a new sense of adventure to her travel.
  • There’ll surely be plenty of stories to hear when she gets back!

Broaden her horizons with a little quirky adventure >

DIY Galentine’s Day Gifts

Tell her “Happy Galentine’s Day” with something you make yourself. DIY gifts are personal and sustainable. Whether it’s a care package (à la the movie “Bridesmaids”), personalized letters, or a homemade coupon book — the fact that it came from the heart will matter most. 

1. Bestie Care Package

  • You know your best friend more than anyone else, right? Create a care package for her that includes all her favorites. 
  • Fill up a box or basket with their preferred self-care items, a scented candle, their favorite candy or snacks, a bottle of wine, a new book or album you know they’ll love, and a framed photo of you both.  

2. Start a Book or Movie Club 

Each month, choose a movie to watch and unpack together. This can be a brand new movie that’s just hitting theaters, or a classic film you can stream on Netflix or Hulu. Make an evening out of it by making dinner, drinks, and discussing what you loved, hated, or were curious about. 

And if you’re book worms, pick a book and set a time to meet up and chat about it once you’re finished. A coffee date is perfect for discussing things like character development, plot, or the themes that resonated with you. 

Expand your literary horizons by choosing books outside of the genres you usually read.

Check out our favorite inspirational books for women who like to travel sustainably >

3. Curate a Special Playlist

Express your appreciation this Galentine’s Day through the gift of music!

Put together the perfect playlist that reminds her of the memories and moments you’ve shared together. Think about the times you both belted along to your favorite tunes while driving or getting ready for a night out — she’ll smile every time she listens to your special mix.

Put together your list of highlights and give it to her through Spotify. She can save it and listen anytime she wants! 

Gift Her a Stylish and Sustainable Sherpani Bag

When it comes to gift-giving, you can’t go wrong with a new bag. We like to show our appreciation around Galentine’s Day by gifting cute and stylish bags that fit our best friend’s personalities. 

From work to play, you can find the right match for your best gal pal at Sherpani. Plus, from February 1-13, 2022, we’re offering 30% off select styles!


1. The Tempest

Versatile and sustainable, the Tempest bag can convert into a tote or backpack in an instant. If she’s headed to the office or happy hour, easily fit her laptop, books, and other essentials inside. 

2. Uno TVK

Sleek and simple, the Uno TVK can be worn as a wristlet or as a small crossbody purse. It may be small, but it still fits her day-to-day essentials like her phone, wallet, and keys. Perfect for a day out. 

3. Soleil AT 

The versatile Soleil bag is perfect for a productive day at work or for her next adventure. Wear this as a crossbody, a backpack, or as a tote. The Soleil is also packed with anti-theft features, so she’ll feel confident in the safety of her belongings as she’s globetrotting.

Our 2022 Galentine’s 30% discount will be offered on 10 select styles in multiple colors, including the Soleil AT, Tempest, Milli, Sadie, and more! 


Plan a Fun Day with Your Fave Gal Pal

As you spend time with your besties this year, remember why it is you love them. Show your appreciation by making this year truly special for your BFF. 

Leslie Knope may have set the bar high, but let that serve as inspiration for how you can celebrate your Galentine! But above all else, enjoy your time with them. 

Once your gift is ready, start planning a fun day with your fave gal pal >

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