The Best Glamping Accessories and Destinations for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

At Sherpani, we’re all about getting outside and roughing it in the wilderness. But just because we can, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a bit of luxury, too! 

Enter: Glamping. 

What is “Glamping?” 

If you’re not a hardcore camper, glamping is the perfect set up for you. 

Glamping — or “glamorous camping” — has been trending for a while now (and for good reason). Glamping allows you to enjoy the finer things in life while still being out in nature. 

To us, that means booking an accommodation that’s less “tents on the ground” and more cozy treehouse/cottage vibes. Indoor plumbing or a hot shower might even be on the menu depending on where you’re staying. 

Sure, it’s not a 5-star hotel — but you’d be surprised at the comfortable and unique glamping experiences available this year. 

To prepare you for the ultimate glamping getaway, we’ve made a checklist of accessories you can bring to elevate your experience.  

Types of Glamping Accommodations  

First off, some glamping basics. Depending on your location, you can search for the following glamping accommodations near you: 

  • Cabins
  • Cottages
  • Wigwams 
  • Luxury Huts
  • RVs and car camping
  • Traditional tents
  • Guesthouses
  • Private villas
  • A-Frames (these are so cute!)
  • Tiny homes

The easiest way to find glamping options is to search Airbnb’s “offbeat” section for inspiration. Always wanted to stay in a spaceship? Or want to try a night in a castle? The options are endless!

 You can also select the “Unique Stays” options if you have your destination and times picked out by clicking the “more filters” button.


Best Places to Go Glamping

Now that glamping has become a world trend, you can find unique ways to glamp all over the world. But to get you a little extra inspired, here’s a few places we’d put at the top of your glamping bucket list.


Known for epic Northern Lights, this place is the best location to glamp and enjoy nature’s mysteries. 

Our favorite spot to glamp would have to be the Buubbles. Otherwise known as the “5 million star hotel,” these plastic bubbles nestled in the forest give you the best views of the Northern Lights right from your comfy bed. 

Even better, a night’s stay comes with a day tour of your choice to the Blue Lagoon, active volcanoes, and more. 


If you’re feeling super adventurous, you can scour the Scottish Highlands for “Bothies.” These abandoned dwellings are scattered across the UK and are completely free to stay in. 

They’re more on the primitive side, so we’d advise bringing your own sleeping bag, gear, and comfort items on this list.  No matter what, you’re definitely going to have an adventure glamping like the Scots do!

Near National Parks 

You already know how beautiful National Parks are, why not elevate your Glamping experience by staying in one? 

If you’re camping in the winter, you can park a roof top tent on many of the campsites and plan your daily hikes and adventures around the park without having to set up shop more than once. 

What to Bring Glamping

Once you’ve picked out your spot, it’s time to accessorize to make the most out of your stay. Be sure to check out the specs on your place, as sometimes they’ll let you know what assets are provided.  

Depending on how decked out your glamping spot is, this list can vary. To be on the safe side, we’ll highlight some of the best glamping essentials to make every place feel like your own private safe haven: 

1. Fancy Cooking Gear 

    Some spots have more to offer in the kitchen department, but that shouldn’t stop you from having a luxurious 4-course meal with your gal pals!

    This could mean a fancy cooking stove, or a nice cooking set to get your basics covered. 

    Trust us, it’ll make a big difference after a long day of hiking or exploring. With the right gear, you can cook up your favorite dish and recharge for the next day. 

    Cooking gear to bring on glamping trips: 

    • Small cooking stove 
    • A few small pots and pans
    • A wine set
    • Cocktail shaker and spoon
    • A French press and your favorite mug
    • Silverware and dish set

    If you’re in the backwoods or somewhere pretty primitive, just make sure you follow Leave No Trace principles and always clean up after your luxury dinner! 

     2. Comfort Items 

    The whole point of glamping is to never feel like you’re “roughing it.” We’d recommend bringing along some of these comfort items to make you feel right at home. 

    • Comfy camping chairs and table
    • Hammock
    • Portable heater
    • Your favorite pillows and bedding 
    • Bluetooth speakers or portable radio

    3. Décor for Glamping

    Who says you can’t make a space your own? It can make a big difference if you spend some time dressing up your space to make it feel even more special. Bring along the following items to spruce up your glamping spot:

    • Outdoor camping rug
    • Luxury tent 
    • Cute string lights for ambiance 
    • Your favorite games (cards, yard games, etc.) 

    4. Comfortable Tents

    If your spot calls for a tent, maybe it’s time to invest in something that’ll make you even more excited to go glamping. 

    One of our favorite ways to glamp is to use roof top tents. As the name suggests, they sit on the roof of your car and get you up off the cold ground. Most come with a cushy mattress so you can sleep soundly, and the thick walls help deaden noise and keep you warm.

    For trips in the US, these make the perfect Glamping solution > 

    Go Glamping with Your Dog This Year

    Glamping is so much fun — why not take your furry friend along for the ride? They’ll appreciate the unique sounds and smells, and of course they’ll pose for your adorable Instagram shots!

    To make camping comfortable for your dog, we’d recommend bringing a few essentials for them, too. 

     Bring these outdoor accessories for your pup on your next glamping adventure > 

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