The Top 8 Environmental Charities to Donate to This Year

At Sherpani, we love supporting the sustainable charities and local nonprofits that work to keep our planet (and the people in it) healthy and thriving. We’re talking habitat conservation, ocean protection, and of course, sustainable fashion and manufacturing practices.

August 17th is National Nonprofit Day, so why not celebrate by finding ways to support those who are making a difference?

To help you decide where to donate, we’ve rounded up a stellar list of our favorite charities that are doing awesome work to protect the planet and all its inhabitants.

1. The US Water Alliance

This environmental nonprofit is putting water rights back into the hands of Indigenous communities. Through inclusive campaigns, they work with all stakeholders to make sure reliable water sources are available for underserved and marginalized communities.

In 2020 they released a 3-year strategic framework to tackle infrastructure-investments and agricultural challenges. Treating water as the “defining issue of our time,” they’re not wasting time finding solutions.

Get involved in this sustainable charity’s water preservation campaign >

2. Clear Air Task Force

Since 1996, this environmental charity has had an impressive track record of reducing emissions from coal-fired plants in the US.

They also target sources of emissions often missed by other organizations, while researching plenty of energy alternatives.

They’ve estimated that just a $1 donation can offset 1 metric ton of CO2. That means you can keep 100 tons of greenhouse gasses out of the air with just $100!

Learn more about this clear air nonprofit and its energy initiatives >

3. The Jane Goodall Institute

It’s hard not to love this global conservation and education charity led by trailblazer herself, Dr. Jane Goodall.

What started as a genuine curiosity to understand chimpanzees in their native environment led to a community-driven and internationally impactful charity.

Through conservation science, public education, and advocacy, this environmental organization is a perfect pick for your donation.

Not only does this charity work to protect wildlife, but they also create sustainable livelihoods for the communities that surround those habitats.

Join this impactful environmental charity >

4. Fashion Revolution

At Sherpani, we’re all about responsible and sustainable manufacturing.

In the wake of the devastating Rana Plaza disaster in 2013 where a clothing factory collapsed in Bangladesh, this organization mobilized communities, policymakers, and researchers to become the world’s largest fashion activism movement.

They aim to end exploitation of wage workers and all people in the global supply chain. Because nobody should have to risk their lives for our clothes.

By raising awareness for dangerous industry practices and inequity, Fashion Revolution brings important conversations into the forefront of the fashion industry.

Join the conversation to make a lasting change in fashion >

5. One Percent for The Planet

Brands and companies obvious profit from using the planet’s resources. So why shouldn’t they give back to the environment?

This sustainable charity connects brands to high-impact nonprofits that align with their company values to tackle the most pressing environmental issues.

They also work to lift up other organizations with their “Our Planet Talks” program that showcases what other nonprofits and individuals are doing to make a change.

We love this talk with Solar Buddy founder CEO Simon Doble >

With memberships available for individuals and businesses, this eco-friendly nonprofit organization makes good on its promise to give back to our precious planet.

Get involved or support this inspiring charity >

6. A Growing Culture

Over the past few decades, local farmers have been under attack from “biopiracy,” the act of a corporation seeking to monopolize generational resources and information.

In the early 1990s, a US-based seed company went to Mexico, planted beans and then patented them — making it illegal for Mexican farmers to grow the same bean they’d been cultivating for centuries.

A Growing Culture works to reframe how we think about sustainable farming, and protects communities most at risk of being taking advantage of.

Help advocate for local farmers and reshape the global food system >

7. Cultural Survival

At Sherpani, we’re all about following sustainable travel practices. And for us, that means respecting the cultures and the people we visit along the way.

If you’re into eco-tourism, this is just the charity for you.

There are over 476 million indigenous people in the world, and this group works to honor every single one of them. From large-scale community media, advocacy, and influencing lawmaking, this sustainability nonprofit walks the walk.

They’re all about large-scale platforms too, which is why we loved this podcast with Executive Director Galina Angarova about language, culture, and protecting biodiversity.

This past year they also worked with Disney to provide authentic Zenu hats to animators to fully capture Columbian culture on the big screen.

Advance the rights and cultures of indigenous groups worldwide >

8. Blue Verve Project

Every day, millions of plastics and trash float in our oceans and waterways, wreaking havoc on marine life and ecosystems.

That’s why our non-profit partner Blue Verve Project is dedicated to collecting plastic that finds its way into our oceans and repurposing it to make something new. That’s where our Essentials Collection was born.

“We’re not environmental activists,” say Blue Verve founders Ed and Maria. “We’re just everyday people who are moved by the sheer volume of garbage in the ocean.”

Blue Verve Project also provides global solutions with local actions, which means you can get involved with our campaigns no matter where you live.

Come pick up trash with us in the community, donate, or help us promote using sustainable materials — the options to show support are endless!

Learn more about supporting the Blue Verve Project today >

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