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Western Europe: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Sling Backpacks, Crossbody Travel Purses, RFID Wallets and More!

Western Europe is defined as the nine nations of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands and Switzerland. From hiking through fields of wildflowers in the Swiss Alps to popping a bottle of bubbly on your balcony in Monaco, you could spend a lifetime discovering Western Europe’s famous attractions and hidden gems.

Just thinking of the life-changing trips that await travelers in Western Europe ignites our travel itch! If the time has come for you to head to one or all of these beautiful countries, we want to be a part of it. We combed through our collections and hand-picked the Sherpani travel products that we believe will best suit female travelers in the iconic cities found in this part of the globe.

Here are the six Sherpani products that came out on top for traveling in Western Europe! 

(Oh, and each one is made entirely from recycled material!)

Number One: The Hyk

The Hyk is bound to be your new best friend for minimalist travel. It features an adjustable belt that lets you easily convert the Hyk from a fanny pack to a mini crossbody bag. “Wearing your wallet” will let you explore hands-free, plus attaching the bag to your person adds a layer of safety. There is a zippered pocket on the back of the Hyk that can fit two passports, it’s the perfect hidden pocket as it sits against your body. It’s also equipped with RFID protection!

This Sherpani favorite is currently available in nine colors, and if you love it as much as we do, you’ll want to grab more than one. On the travel days when less is more, use the Hyk to bike through Bordeaux, dine in Dresden, or zoom around Zurich. Adventure awaits

Number Two: The Tulum

The Tulum RFID wallet sitting on a table next to a cocktail

The wallet you’ve been waiting for! With RFID-blocking technology, the Tulum has a place for everything and a way to protect it. This coveted technology blocks the signals used in cyber theft, something that is more common in Europe than in other parts of the world. Keep your credit card information safe with a wallet that’s fun and functional. Though we named the style Tulum, we promise it’ll serve you just as well in Vienna!

The Tulum is currently available in eight colorways! Express your style with the bold colors and fun patterns that Sherpani is known for. (But if that's not your thing, it also comes in Raven - pictured above!)

The Tulum also makes a cute and thoughtful gift for the travel bug in your life!

Number Three: The Sadie

A woman walking away from the camera on a path, she is wearing Sherpani crossbody travel bag, the Sadie

Some things never change, and this classic crossbody bag is one of them. The tried-and-true Sadie is a Sherpani favorite, and you’ll be surprised how much this “sneaky big” bag can hold. Outside pockets include two layered zipper pockets on the front and a side pocket that is discrete but easy to access. Inside, you’ll find another zipper pocket and a light gray interior that makes it easy to see everything inside.

We chose this iconic style for traveling in Western Europe because of its comfort and class. The multiple pockets will help you stay organized during travel, the adjustable crossbody strap is easy to use and comfortable for all-day wear, and the overall functionality of the Sadie is unbeatable. This ergonomic crossbody bag will surely become a staple of your bag collection.

The Sadie is never going out of style, just like Amsterdam.


Number Four: The Soleil

A woman leans against an outdoor wall, she carries Sherpani Anti-Theft bag, the Soleil

Our award-winning Anti-Theft bag! The head-turning Soleil is a three-in-one convertible bag; wear it as an ergonomic backpack, carry it as a functional tote, or rock it as a large crossbody. We love this choice for European travel because when you undoubtedly run into that no backpacks allowed sign at the museum entrance, you can hide the backpack straps and easily turn the Soleil into a large crossbody bag and - viola! - you’re set to see the Mona Lisa.

Sherpani’s six-point Anti-Theft technology is a surefire way to protect your belongings wherever you go. The bags in our Anti-Theft Collection include two kinds of zipper locks, RFID protection, a wire-loop chair lock, a ReturnMe tag, slash-proof bottom and Sherpani’s proprietary wireless crossbody strap (which is adjustable, uncuttable and completely removable!).

For a full description of each Anti-Theft feature, read our blog post “Safety Tips for Solo Travel - By Women for Women.”

Number Five: The Vale

A woman eating a croissant at an outdoor table, she is wearing Sherpani Anti-Theft crossbody bag, the Vale

Meet the Vale, one of our most versatile bags! The Vale has a reversible design and comes with two strap options: a short, fixed-length shoulder strap, and a longer adjustable crossbody strap. Both straps are completely removable, and the Vale features multiple attachment points, so there are many ways to style it! We chose this trendy bag for Western European travel because of its many looks; go from wine tasting in the French countryside to an unforgettable show in the heart of Paris - the Vale is never out of place.

The Vale seamlessly transitions from a medium-sized purse to a large purse with a higher capacity. Stuff it full and it will stand up straight, or create a cute fold-over look for the days when you don’t have as much to tote around.

And yes, the Vale is an Anti-Theft crossbody bag! With all of Sherpani’s theft prevention in place: locking zippers, RFID protection, a wire-loop chair lock, a ReturnMe tag, slash-proof bottom and Sherpani’s proprietary wireless slash-proof crossbody strap.

For a full description of each Anti-Theft feature, read our blog post “Safety Tips for Solo Travel - By Women for Women.”

Number Six: The Esprit AT

A woman facing away from the camera is wearing Sherpani Anti-Theft sling backpack, the Esprit AT

We love this sling backpack for Western Europe because of its sleek design. The teardrop shape and asymmetrical style are as eye-catching as they are functional. The Esprit AT allows easy access for the wearer while preventing access from others. Simply swing the bag from your back to your front to get inside the main compartment, no removal is required. 

This Anti-Theft sling bag is the security-focused version of our everyday sling bag, the Esprit. The Esprit AT (Anti-Theft) comes with Sherpani’s coveted Anti-Theft features: zipper locks, RFID protection, a wire-loop chair lock, a ReturnMe tag and a slash-proof bottom. This extra security offers the ultimate peace of mind.

For a full description of each Anti-Theft feature, read our blog post “Safety Tips for Solo Travel - By Women for Women.”

More peace of mind means more time to gawk at the fairy tale scenery of Luxembourg, and who doesn’t want more of that?


A castle in Luxembourg

Where are you traveling next? If it’s one of the nine countries in Western Europe, we hope you take a few of the above styles with you to elevate your vacation! Looking for an excuse to book a ticket? Oktoberfest is around the corner! If we see you there sporting your Sherpani bag, we’ll have to buy you a round and cheers to this amazing part of the world!

Happy travels! 

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