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Remember that trip you took to Tahiti? Okay, full disclosure — we’ve never been to Tahiti either. But if you did, we’d like to imagine you could fit your most cherished outfits and 4 pairs of shoes into our 22-inch carry-on: TSA approved locks and 3 inches of expandability. That cute one-piece or extra sun hat doesn’t have to stay home for your next trip. Enter the Sherpani Meridian travel carryon, with an anti-crush shell and smooth swivel wheels. Our travel collection is a trifecta of fashionable, eco-friendly, and most importantly, organizational. All our Anti-theft travel bags come with RFID protection, locking zippers and chair loop lock. The Meridian travel suitcase is a pro at organization. This is the best suitcase for fitting everything in one place and leaving no shoe or phone charger behind. The Meridian comes with anti-theft features, an anti-crush exterior, max organization, and is styled in 4 different colors—one for each season. We know packing can be stressful. But the right luggage can ease the strain of an on-the-go lifestyle. We crafted this cute and lightweight travel suitcase to weigh in at only 6 pounds. Now that’s a way to lighten the stress of traveling.