Blue Verve Project

At Sherpani, we believe the choices we make are just as important as the bags we make. Through initiatives like the Blue Verve Project, we are quietly doing the right thing everyday for our people and our planet.

Our Mission

Blue Verve Project inspires individuals and organizations to eliminate ocean plastic pollution by raising consciousness, providing educational resources, and supporting meaningful action. We believe the complex cultural and economic answers lie below the surface. Blue Verve is diving deeper to discover sustainable solutions.

Our Inspiration

Blue Verve Project was born from our desire for a restorative relationship between humans and nature. Environmental action isn't only about saving the planet, but creating a healthy and prosperous world for all. We believe that through daily choices and raised voices, everyone has the power to make positive change. We want to empower you to be a part of a sustainable future.

We're not environmental activists. We're just everyday people who are moved by the sheer volume of garbage in the ocean.

Ed Ruzic, Sherpani CEO

Our History

The Begining

Sherpani was founded in Boulder, Colorado, in 2002. Sherpani bags combine style and function in elevated designs that better serve women who love to explore.

The Blue Verve Project is a set of principles for Sherpani and those who understand that, along with a love of nature, comes the call to protect it.

Our History

Called to Action

Sherpani founders were sailing in the remote Abaco Islands when they uncovered a harsh truth: you can get away from people, but you can't get away from plastic.

Sherpani began incorporating repurposed plastic bottles in our designs with the hope of reducing the amount of plastic on its way to the sea.

Our History

BVP Founded

The Blue Verve Project was born. BVP started as an internal initiative for Sherpani to use recycled materials and create a sustainable manufacturing process that does right by people and the planet.

Our History

Champions of Sustainability

In 2018, Sherpani was awarded the prestigious Champions of Sustainability award from REPREVE, an industry leader in recycled materials.

Our History

20+ Years later

To date, Sherpani has diverted 7.6 million (& counting!) plastic bottles from landfills and waterways. We are proud to have years of experience as a sustainable brand that gives a second life to single-use plastics.

Our History

Goals for the Future

  1. Empower individuals and organizations to use their voices and daily actions to shape a sustainable future.
  2. To hone our expertise in recycled materials and make Sherpani the most sustainable bag brand in the world.
  3. To one day sail on clear blue, plastic-free waters of healthy world oceans.

How We Work

Stopping Plastic at the Source

The best way to solve the pervasive problem of plastic pollution is to reduce the amount of plastic that is produced and consumed in the first place. The Blue Verve Project helps individuals and organizations find the best ways to combat the plastic crisis through the resources below.

How We Work

Waste Management

Across the globe, we lack the infrastructure to handle the ever-increasing volumes of plastic waste. Blue Verve Project actively promotes recycled materials, and we support collection systems that help the environment and human livelihoods.

How We Work

Community Clean Ups

While there's far more trash in the ocean than we can pick up, hosting cleanups is a great way to engage with communities and empower individuals to take ownership over solutions. Every piece of plastic taken out of the environment makes a small difference and a big statement.