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Machu Picchu, Peru
Travel Stories

Old Friend, New Adventure: Peru & Machu Picchu

“What would I do without you?” If I had a dollar for every time I asked Lynn the question above, I would have enough money to retake this Peru trip - and you better believe I would. But, since nobo...

Travel StoriesTess sitting by the Black Sea in Nessebar, Bulgaria

Beautiful Bulgaria

I’d be lying if I said that I had ever once in my life looked at a map and picked out Bulgaria to ponder. As a geography buff, I was aware of its existence in Eastern Europe, south of Romania and b...

Travel StoriesLandscape of rural Japan

Embracing the Moment, Tokyo Style

Kon'nichiwa! Actually - I’ll just start with hello. This blog is all about Tokyo, but for the time being, we can keep things in English. As I sit at my desk and begin to liberate the memories I ha...

Travel StoriesA cobblestone street with colorful buildings in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Falling for Copenhagen

The year was 2016, and it is wild to think about how that isn’t exactly recent anymore. I was on the brink of my mid twenties, a tumultuous time for most, and was five years into my relationship wi...

Travel StoriesA pink plant in the foreground and a Cambodian temple in the background

Culture and Camaraderie in Cambodia

Although this story is about Cambodia, it really starts in Iceland. Allow me to explain.  It was October of 2021, and I had just booked a last-minute trip to the land of fire and ice. It had been o...

Travel StoriesPrague's Old Town Square: A Place of Wonder, Enchantment, & Mulled Wine.

Prague's Old Town Square: A Place of Wonder, Enchantment, & Mulled Wine.

Prague’s Old Town Square is at the heart of the city—and, assuredly, will be at the heart of your next trip, the same way it was for mine. Visiting Prague was, so far, the most important trip of my...