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A blonde woman facing away from the camera is looking at a view of architecture and palm trees in Spain
Travel Tips

Everything You Need to Know Before You Go Abroad

Calling all world travelers! For this post, we're going back to travel basics. Whether you're a first-time traveler who has never been out of the country, or if it's just been a while since you've ...

Travel TipsHow to Make Staycation as Good as the Real Thing

How to Make Staycation as Good as the Real Thing

Travel is always on our minds, but let's be honest, it isn't always in our budgets. So today we want to discuss a travel topic that doesn't actually involve traveling: the staycation.   What is a S...

Travel TipsFive Easy Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day

Five Easy Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day

In honor of Earth Month, we are using the Sherpani Travel Blog as a platform to discuss environmental action! Our background in recycled materials has taught us a lot about sustainability. We have ...

Travel TipsTwo female friends on the beach

Important Things to Ask Your Travel Companion Before Your Trip

Some friends give the best advice, others can always be counted on to make you laugh, and some are perfectly suited for calling when you just need to vent. Different friendships serve different pur...

Travel TipsTravel Tip Tuesday: How to Fight Jet Lag Like a Pro

Travel Tip Tuesday: How to Fight Jet Lag Like a Pro

When it comes to air travel, long-haul flights often come with the risk of jet lag, albeit an unwelcome travel companion. It is possible to travel far without changing time zones - did you know it'...

Travel TipsGiving Tuesday: Travel Acts of Kindness

Giving Tuesday: Travel Acts of Kindness

It’s not only Travel Tuesday this week, but Giving Tuesday as well! Aptly timed in the wake of the Thanksgiving holiday, when reflections of gratitude are fresh on your mind, Giving Tuesday is the ...