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A model is holding up a Sherpani travel accessory; the Savannah cosmetics case
Travel Gear

Product Spotlight: Five New Five Star Travel Accessories from Sherpani

Summer travel is in full swing! Along with the popular time of year for bucket list vacations, comes new travel accessories from Sherpani! Sherpani creates bags made from recycled materials, outsta...

A dancing woman smiling wide with her hands in the air

This International Dance Party Will Make Your Summer

Here is a short list of things we absolutely love: traveling the world, spending time in the great outdoors, making cultural connections, bringing joy into our everyday lives and celebrating womanh...

Travel StoriesA woman and a man sit side-by-side in the grass overlooking the ocean and a black sand beach in New Zealand.

Magic in the Mundane: A New Zealand Travel Story

Do you ever think about how life is really just a collection of moments? The big ones might mark the miles, but there is significance in every step. Small moments, though often uncredited, comprise...

Travel GuidesA group of explorers carry inner tubes and stand in the mouth of a cave

Sherpani Travel: We Tried to Keep This New Zealand Experience a Secret… But We Caved

New Zealand is an exotic destination that seems to be high on every traveler’s list. The vast natural wonder of the country has a mythical quality that will ignite your imagination. Perhaps this is...

Travel TipsA woman stretching her arms upward as an airplane flies overhead

Travel Tip Tuesday: Will You Survive or Thrive on Your Next Long Flight?

Boarding a long flight is a mixed bag. The promise of the destination on the other end keeps you excited about new places, people and possibilities. Sitting on a plane all day is no small task, but...

Travel GearA brown-haired woman walks away from the camera toward an outdoor staircase. She is carrying Sherpani's Anti-Theft bag, the Geo, as a crossbody.

Product Spotlight: Four Sherpani Anti-Theft Bags for Travel

In case you’re new here, we thought we’d reintroduce some of our favorite Sherpani products. Sherpani makes bags and luggage from recycled materials that are designed for women’s travel. With funct...